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Tired of losing your glasses?

Everybody wearing glasses has at least once been in this situation: you’re in bed reading….you get really tired, you put your glasses down next to you, in the middle of the night you wake up to go to the toilet, sleep drunk you roll back in bed….. You are woken by the piercing sound of your alarm clock in the morning, you panic, are you late for work? With a two legged kick, you send your futon flying in the air, you jump out of bed run  to the shower and another day has started.

At night you zombie (yep it’s a verb) yourself to your bedroom and with a satisfying sound you fall stretched out on your bed. After 30 minutes of being intense tired you find yourself to be too tired to sleep, so you reach out for that magazine and start to read it…only to remember that you’re as blind as mole. You look under the pillows, move your body under the futon, but to no avail..you can’t find your damn glasses, you’re also too lazy to go back downstairs to put your contacts in so….



Well no worries folks  Young Black Jack is here to save the day with this awesome acrylic glasses stand coming in two versions; young Black Jack and Dr. Kiriko

Now up for pre-sale for 3,780 yen, with delivery in January or February.

Find these products here

Ladies beware;Young Black Jack sheets and pillow cases for your sexy sleepy times

For those you who have dreamed of wrapping yourself in Young Black Jack‘s warmth or falling asleep with him by your side, we have just the thing!

It seems like all of the full-sized huggable anime character body pillows are only of female characters. That’s all well and good if you’re attracted to cute girls or lovely ladies, but what about the other half who prefers some male companionship? Well, now there are sheets and pillow cases available with a dreamy, seductive-looking Young Black Jack for you to wrap yourself in and snuggle with.

First we have the sheets, which features Black Jack sprawled out suggestively on his back, his shirt partway undone and his tie completely untied, just waiting for you to fall into his 100-percent polyester embrace.


If cuddling with pillows is more your thing, you can get these equally suggestive full-body pillow cases, one with Black Jack giving you a dreamy look, and the other with Black Jack giving you a “sneak peek”.

▼ Someone’s too sexy for their shirt


These goods will be on sale at this year’s Comiket 89, and are also available for pre-order online until Wednesday, December 16! The sheets cost 7,020 yen (US$52), and the pillow cases are 9,720 yen ($79). Which one would you choose?



Source: Nijimen
Images: Animaru (1, 2)