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Ever wanted to drink a busty anime girl’s sweat? These tea bags can make that dream come true

Sipping a hot cup of tea can be an enjoyable way to relax and put your brain on auto-pilot for a few minutes. Waiting for your tea bag to steep, though, can be downright dull. Sitting there, staring at the bag’s string and tab, you might find yourself wishing for a view, and if your preferred view is a pair of large anime breasts, this Japanese company would be happy to oblige.

Muku is a design firm based in Niigata, with a specialization in manga, anime, and video game content. According to Muku’s website, its newest brainchild, the Beautiful Girl T Bag, is “a product born from the pure desire of wanting to drink a beautiful girl’s sweat,” which we guess isn’t quite as gross as some other bodily fluids, but is still pretty far in the corner of the fetish bell curve.

The Beautiful Girl T Bag’s unorthodox spelling is almost certainly to evoke thoughts of T-back panties, as “bag” and “back” are written almost identically in Japanese (bag/バッグ vs. back/バック). Muku’s promotional image, though, shows a deeper appreciation for the upper half of the female form.

TB 2

If you’re thinking you don’t recognize that character from any titillation-heavy anime or video games, that’s because Beautiful Girl T Bag is still in its planning stages, and that’s just a proof of concept mockup. Muku is currently looking for creative partners who’d like to license their characters for use. The tea itself will be procured from “a top-class tea provider in the Kanto region [east Japan],” with the finished products being sold at local events or national anime specialty store chains.

Muku is also looking into the prospect of crowdfunding production, so keep an eye on the company’s website and Twitter account if your cup of tea is looking a little lonely without a busty anime girl in it.

Source, images: Chara Tea