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Boobs on your phone provide good grip.

Nekomu Otogi is a Japanese co splayer who made a big impact last year’s Comiket,  she has thousands of fans who all adore her good looks and uh other things.

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Otogi is a gravure(sexy glamorous) model for a weekly magazine and appears at conventions in Japan and abroad showing off her countless “talents”.

Well two of her most adored talents are now available for your phone and as a mouse pad!


kore de gaman shite hoshii/ I want you to keep your patience with this….eh?

As a man I sure respect her talent(s), but they come at a steep price:  4,000 yen (US$33.20) for the Iphone case and 10,000 yen (US$82.99)for the pad. Pricey sure, but I think that you can’t put a price on such talent.

Still not convinced? Just imagine when you’re girlfriend sees this…her reaction will surely sound something like “Wow so cool what a great boyfriend do I have!”, trust me, women are like that, sure.

Serge Roso

An anime recipe cookbook-The perfect gift for your cosplaying foodie friends!

Have you ever watched an anime and thought, “Mmm, that food looks delicious?” Then this is exactly the cookbook you are looking for.

Many of our favorite anime characters have a specific dish associated with them. Naruto loves his Ichiraku Ramen and Gintoki from Gintama loves chowing down on his Uji Gintoki Don Parfait. Seeing them eat it time and time again makes us wish we could make the dishes for ourselves at home, and now, thanks to some industrious cosplayers, you will be able to create some iconic anime-inspired dishes thanks to a new cookbook called Animeshi!

animeshi 6

animeshi 2

Cosplayer Yohco, who goes by the Twitter handle @veryprettybetty, is the creative force behind this new cookbook that mixes anime characters and their recipes. Even the title of the book is a clever portmanteau that tells you exactly what is in the book, a combination of anime and meshi (“food”).

animeshi 1

The easy, delicious, and cute recipes will bring you closer to the food that you see in anime than ever before. All the preparation and the photography is done by Yohco. She’s also recruited a number of her cosplaying friends to appear in the book with her, perfectly marrying characters and their recipes.

animeshi 3

Animeshi! will be available at Tokyo Big Sight during Comiket 89 on December 31. If you can’t make, you’ll also be able to mail order the book from within Japan through the Animeshi! website. Even if you don’t want to cook any of these meals, it is still a gorgeous cookbook that would look fantastic on your shelf.

Source: Cupo
Images: Animeshi Website

“Straight false eyelashes for dressing up as a man”

If you want to cosplay as a beautiful boy from an anime or manga, then this may be exactly what you need to recreate that cool, long-lashed look!

Assist Wig, a Japanese retailer specializing in wigs and cosplay items, is now selling false eyelashes made especially for cosplayers emulating the look of anime and manga boys with impossibly long lashes.

The lashes are apparently an original item from Assist Wig, and they’re calling it the “Boys Lash — Straight false eyelashes for dressing up as a man“. And as the name suggests, these lashes are straight, not overly voluminous and curled like the standard fake lashes for women.

▼ Here’s how it looks before and after putting on the lashes from the side …

Lash 2_R

▼ … and from the front.

Lash 3_R

▼ And here, you can see the difference between a regular set of fake lashes (left) and the straight Boys Lash (right).

Lash 4_R

Well, we guess the product does seem to add length and volume to the lashes without being overly decorative, and it’s being marketed as a way to simulate the long eyelashes typically seen on the dreamy-looking boys in manga and anime. And if you want to tone down the effect, you can always cut the lashes to the length of your choice.

▼ It actually looks quite nice from this angle (although we’re not quite sure if the lashes really make you look like a boy).

Lash 5_R

The Boys Lash comes in a package containing five pairs of lashes in a “brown mix” color for 280 yen (US$2.30), although you’ll need to get your own glue as that isn’t included. While the product description seems to indicate that Boys Lash is intended mainly for women cosplaying as male characters, we’re sure the item can be used by men trying to achieve the anime look as well.

So, all of you brave guys out there, if you want to find out how you look with long beautiful lashes, this is your chance to find out!

Source and photos: Assist Wig online shop

Cosplay comes to the kitchen with the Cardcaptor Sakura apron

Afraid of spilling something on your favorite anime T-shirts while cooking dinner? Protect your wardrobe the magical girl way!

Unless you happen to live near one of the world’s major anime meccas, like Tokyo’s Akihabara or Ikebukuro, odds are you don’t get all that many chances to cosplay. Sure, maybe there’s a local anime convention you hit up every summer, or perhaps on the rare occasion that your favorite series gets a new theatrical installment you dress up for opening night. Aside from that, though, your costume probably spends most of its time in the closet, waiting forlornly to answer the all too infrequent call of duty.

The ideal situation, then, is an anime costume that’s also practical enough to get some use even when you’re not surrounded by a cadre of otaku, and this Cardcaptor Sakura apron fits the bill perfectly.

CA 1

CA 2

another great present is this Blue ray Card Captor Sakura Glow card box..now heavily discounted on Amazon jp ¥ 81,900 to ¥ 27,745


Manufacturer Neowing has done an impressive job retaining the girlish charm of one of Sakura’s signature outfits. The frills have been toned down just a bit to ensure easy movement, and the coverage of the chest area has been slightly expanded for extra protection.

The apron keeps the costume’s femininely oversized large bow at the neckline, and for extra cuteness there’s an embroidered Sealing Wand on the torso, plus an image of card-capturing partner/adorable mascot Kero-chan popping out of the pocket.

CA 3

The 80-centimeter (31.5-inch) polyester apron is listed at 5,184 yen (US$43), but Neowing is currently taking preorders through its website here at the reduced price of 4,666 yen, which would save early adopters enough to pay for a back issue of the Cardcaptor Sakura manga. Shipping is scheduled for March.

Source: Nijimen

 Blue ray box Amazon Japan

another great present is this Blue ray Card Captor Sakura Glow card box..now heavily discounted on Amazon jp ¥ 81,900 to ¥ 27,745

JWS japanwebshopping website renewal.

Let me first thank you all dear customers/friends who have been putting your trust in our service, without your help we’d all be working for other companies and we wouldn’t enjoy our jobs/lives as much as we do now.

We’ve been  getting the most surprising and unusual requests and thereby expanding our horizon in what you want and we learn what makes our fellow human being tick. Communicating with folks from all around the world has been a challenging at times (we had to bring in a part-time Spanish speaker/translator  and on a rare occasion a Russian translator), but besides  these rare hiccups, chatting with you through Skype/WordPress/mail and Facebook has been a blast.

We also value your input a lot, and a common complain was that our website loaded like snail…our mistake was that we tried to put as much information and connecting links in it as possible, thereby creating a headache for those without high speed internet access.

So we went a bit simpler this time, and changed the look to a more material/metal look. The pages load a bit faster and it’s definitely easier to the eye. Our love for manga and anime are also more present this time around.




This dark metallic look continues in the separate product pages.


We still haven’t completed the whole site yet though(especially the Japanese section), but we’re working hard to have it finished before Christmas.

Thank you all so much for your patience and in the meantime we will continue to be the best/safest/cheapest (and most personal) personal shopper for you.



Cosplay in your sleep with this giant anime-style “pigtails pillow”【Pics & Video】

Well winter is coming and some have you are preparing yourselves to hibernate…well we at JWS are here to let you sleep till spring…in perfect comfort!

The creative team at Bibi Lab have been at it again. The inventive brand dedicated to bringing weird and wonderful items out into the world have delighted us with life-sized human-shaped pillows, mosquito net jumpsuits and even sailor-style schoolgirl uniforms for men.

Now there’s another item we’ll be adding to our growing collection of Bibi Lab products: the giant anime-style pigtails pillow.

Previously, Bibi Lab brought out a giant, brown-coloured pigtail—or twintail as they’re known here—pillow in homage to the hairstyle that’s so popular in Japan. With its straight up-and-down design, though, the hug-pillow looked more like a pair of tanned arms than a mane of dark hair. With that experience behind them, they’ve decided to perfect the pigtail look with a cute, wavy style, complete with face-covering bangs. Anyone who walks in on you now will know you’re dressed up as a style of hair.


The larger-than-life hairstyle is super soft and shiny and once you’re in, you can hug, hold and hide inside your ‘hair’, allowing for a number of cute poses. Bibi Lab outlines ten specific positions to try, in three exceeding levels of difficulty which correspond to how much you’ll be giggling as you do them.

The beginner’s level starts out with the “Three River Side Snuggle“. Lie in the middle, cosy up to one side and you’ve got three ‘rivers’ of warmth.


Fold the two pigtails on top of each other, straddle them and you’ve got the “Three River Vertical Snuggle“.


The term, Nihon Hyakkei refers to the 100 famous views of Japan. This is the “Yumemi Hyakkei, because the only thing you’ll be seeing in this position is 100 yume, or dreams.


Moving on to the intermediate level, we have the “Wrap-Around Computer Table“, perfect for reading or laptop use.


Criss-cross the pigtails inside each other and you have “The Monolith”, which comes in handy when you want to watch TV.


An additional twist gives you the perfect headrest for a good sob. This one’s appropriately called “Tied Up in Knots Because of Your First Love”.


And for some extra head support, there’s the “Head-Holding Hard Hug“.


And now for advanced use, you can try the “Tsubame Gaeshi“, or “Return of the Swallow“, which is both a sword technique that can slash off the topknot of a samurai warrior and a judo throw that will land you on the floor. Either way, you’ll be covering your face in fear.


And for the lovebirds who want to watch each other’s backs, there’s the “Meeting Heads” position, which is handy for keeping an eye out for enemy approaches in the lounge room.


And when people give you a time-out in the corner for all your crazy antics, you can do it in comfort with ”The Wall Stand“.


Available from online retailer Rakuten Ichiba for 10,800 yen (US$90.34), the pillow itself is 150 centimtres (4.9 feet) long and filled with two different materials; soft cotton for the pigtails and microbeads for the headrest area.


It includes two covers; a blue spandex one for the hot summer months and a black velveteen cover for the colder winter months so you can wear your pigtails any time of the year!


To see just how soft and fluffy the pillow is, take a look at the video below.

And, as with all hair, remember to keep away from open flames!


Bibi Lab, don’t ever stop creating. We can’t wait to see what other wacky items you’ve got lined up for us in the future!

Source and Images: Bibi Lab

Anime Contact lenses will give you the shimmering eyes of a manga heroine

The first thing that many people notice about the eyes of anime characters is how big they are, but that’s not the only thing that makes those 2-D peepers special. Through the magic of Japanese animation, anime eyes shine so brightly they almost look like they’re made of crystal or some other equally lustrous precious stones.

Of course, real eyes aren’t so reflective, but if you’ve got your heart set on your eyes sparkling like your favorite anime heroine, you can now achieve the look with the just-released line of anime-style contact lenses.

Created by cosmetics company Japan Eden, the Anime Contact line consists of three different designs. First up is the Ururu Eye, which takes its name from uruuru, the Japanese word for the shimmering look of teary eyes.

▼ Note: The actual Anime Contact lenses are clear. The light blue in the illustration is just to help the pattern stand out in the drawing.

AC 1

The Kirakira Eye (“Sparkling Eye”) concentrates its effect on the edges of the iris, for what Japan Eden calls a “mature cute” look.

AC 2

Finally, the Kiratto Eye (“Flash of Light Eye”) adds just a touch of anime appeal to the lower corner.

AC 3

Each 3,300-yen (US$28) set contains two one-month contact lenses with the same pattern. While the official website’s models are all shown with matching contacts in each eye, those looking for a more varied look can mix ad match between the three designs.

Currently, Anime Contact lenses are strictly for cosmetic purposes, as they’re non-prescription. However, the brand’s official website includes a drop-down menu on its order page for prescription strength. Although it currently can’t be set to anythig, it seems like Japan Eden is at least considering the possibility of offering corrective versions in the future.

Anime Contact are available exclusively online direct from Japan Eden (Ururu here, Kirakira here, and Kiratto here).

Source: My Navi News via Jin
Top image: Anime Contact

Just like magic, Japanese Wizard Parka will transform you from mundane to mystic

With Halloween fast approaching, you may find yourself in the market for a cool costume. But if your cosplay activities are confined to strictly on and around October 31, you might not think it’s worth the time and effort to put together an outfit you’ll only wear once, since by the time next All Hallows’ Eve rolls around you might want to dress up as something else.

But now there’s a single piece of clothing that will let you enjoy a little Halloween fantasy while also being a viable fashion option for the reality of the rest of the year, with Japanese clothing brand Itemya’s Wizard Parka.

Itemya literally means “Item Shop,” and is the exact same term used to describe the store in which role-playing video game heroes buy their healing potions, smoke bombs, and warp wings. Armed with that knowledge, you can probably guess that most of Itemya’s products are fantasy-themed, but at first glance you might not see what makes the Wizard Parka special.

WP 6

From the front, it looks like any other zip-up sweatshirt. Circle around to the back, though, and something might catch your eye.

WP 2

The black exterior makes it less conspicuous than it probably would be in a lighter shade, but the Wizard Parka features an oversized hood. Enclosed in the hem is a wire which is flexible enough to bend, but stiff enough to hold the shape you choose to form it into. So with a few twists, the Wizard Parka can look like this.

WP 5

If you’re thinking the sleeves look a little more flared now, you’re right. Opening up the zippers near the cuffs cause them to expand, giving the billowy effect of a sorcerer’s robe.

WP 4

WP 3

So powerful is the mystic aura produced by the Wizard Parka that once you deploy all of its optional effects, people won’t be able to tell if you’re holding a folded-up umbrella or a magical staff of lightning bolts.

WP 7

The Wizard Parka is priced at 11,880 yen (US$100) and can be ordered from Itemya’s parent company Cospa (medium here, large here, and extra-large here), with shipping scheduled for early February. Oh, and mamby pamby healing specialist white mages need not apply, since it’s available exclusively in black with red lining.

Source: IT Media
Images: Cospa (edited by RocketNews24)

Second hand cosplay market!

What is Cosplay?
Cosplay (コスプレ kosupure?), a portmanteau of the words costume play, is a performance art in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character or idea. Cosplayers often interact to create a subculture centered on role play and a broader use of the term “cosplay” applies to any costumed role play in venues apart from the stage. Any entity that lends itself to dramatic interpretation may be taken up as a subject and it is not unusual to see genders switched. Favorite sources are manga and anime, comic books and cartoons, video games, and live-action films.
(source wikipedia)
Well there you go..however for us cosplay is just a way to express our love for a certain anime, game or manga and meeting with people with similar minds. It’s a way to enter a new world, to be something, no someone different. Our costume is like a beacon, it’s the easiest way to find similar minded folks..we don’t have to introduce ourselves, we know who we or who someone else pretends to be.
Cosplay however can be a financially challenging hobby, some things can’t be handmade and have to be purchased. Especially the beginning cosplayer has often trouble finding the right outfit and accessories.
Cospatio, one of the biggest cosplay websites has almost everything a beginning or advanced cosplayer needs, well that is if you’re into Japanese cosplay of course, but then..who isn’t?
The prices however can be pretty steep however the closer you get to true authenticity and quality.
For example this Ao no Kanata no Four Rythm school uniform is pricier than a real high school uniform, but the details are…just astonishing.
Price:52.920 yen
Beyond the Blue Four rhythm / Ao of Kanata Four rhythm / [early] obtained Hisashi 奈浜 Gakuin Women's uniforms set
Beyond the Blue Four rhythm / Ao of Kanata Four rhythm / [early] obtained Hisashi 奈浜 Gakuin Women's uniforms set
Beyond the Blue Four rhythm / Ao of Kanata Four rhythm / [early] obtained Hisashi 奈浜 Gakuin Women's uniforms set
Beyond the Blue Four rhythm / Ao of Kanata Four rhythm / [early] obtained Hisashi 奈浜 Gakuin Women's uniforms set
Or what about this Fate/Night Unlimited blade works armour suit: 183,000yen ding dong!
Ah wait, upon further reading it’s revealed that the shoes,  gloves AND dress are sold seperately for a meager 86.400yen for the bottoms, 140,000 yen for the gloves and a cool
92,880 yen for the saber dress.
Fate / Fate / stay night / [full MTO] Saber dress
Fate / Fate / stay night / [full MTO] Saber dress
You can even order a custom made costume from this page
You have to fill in a costume order sheet where besides the custom information like name and size etc you also have to specify what kind of costume you want through means of pics and video. You can set a price and a quality level A or B. Can’t speak, write or read Japanese? No worries, we have got you covered..we will do all the work you just have to send us all the info..easy peasy.
Entry example of the order sheet
But before you decide to take such drastic ways, maybe it’s a good idea to check out the cosplayers archive flea market.
Disney easter steam punk dancer set 52,000 yen
Angelique special2 Timuka Costume & Wig, once worn 8,000 yen
Gintama Omonefukuusagi costume + wig + Bangasa set 7,500 yen

Rebellion emperor costume Asking price: 7,000 yen
Just have a look, use google translate to get the basic info in English and use us to get the details!
Happy cosplaying!

Cosplay for pets! Dog fashion retailer selling Attack on Titan capes, uniforms

In recent years, it’s become increasingly popular for doting dog-owners in Japan to dress up their pets in little outfits when they head out for a walk. But since their canine companions are already equipped with a natural coat, all doggy fashion is really doggy cosplay, so why not dress your dog up like a member of the cast of smash-hit anime Attack on Titan?

Online dog clothing shop Sniff, which sells its wares through Rakuten’s marketplace, recently unveiled its Attack on Titan Survey Corps cape.

Attack on Titan’s protagonist Eren has now been shown up by Mikasa, Levi, and this adorable pooch.

AD 1

Featuring the Wings of Freedom insignia on the back and a stylish hood, the cape actually opens and closes with a Velcro strip along its front, meaning you can have your pet ready to go out scouting for Titans in just seconds.

AD 2

The Survey Corps cape is priced at 3,780 yen (US$31.50) and is available in three sizes: small, which measures 28 centimeters (11 inches) around the neck and 13 centimeters in length, medium (30 centimeters neck, 19 centimeters length) and large (40 centimeters neck, 25 centimeters length).

If you feel like your dog would be practically naked wearing just the cape, though, you can also opt for Sniff’s full Survey Corps uniform.

AD 3

The more complex design costs 7,344 yen, and is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 21 to 35 centimeters in neck circumference and 22 to 43 centimeters in length.

AD 4

Preorders for both outfits are being taken now (cape here, uniform here) with shipment scheduled for early November. The cut-off date for orders is November 4, so don’t delay if you’ve got a dog who loves to sit on your lap as you watch anime.

Source: Rakuten/Sniff (1, 2)