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Samurai armour bottle covers, give your bottles a proper Japanese historical feudal look.

Have you ever visited a museum in Japan and found it hard to tear yourself away from the samurai exhibits, wanting desperately to reach past the “don’t touch” sign to prod the delicate folds of metal armour and the faded material with stains from a bloody war?

Well now there’s a range of samurai armour you can take home with you, and despite their petite size, they’re actually faithful recreations of suits worn by famous warriors in Japanese history.

Certified by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a “Wonder 500” product, awarded to 500 of Japan’s finest goods, foods and travel experiences, this unique range of warrior suits can either dress up your figurines or safeguard your favourite bottle of sake, wine or shochu.

Designed to fit over 900-millilitre (35-ounce) sake (Japanese rice wine) and shochu (Japanese distilled liquor) bottles, the Samurai Armour Bottle Cover range also works perfectly for 750-millilitre (25-ounce) wine bottles.

▼ Clockwise from top left: Date Masumune (7,020 yen/US$58.23), Toyotomi Hideyoshi (8,100 yen/$67.22), Mouri Motonari (7,560 yen/$62.75), Takeda Shingen (8,100 yen) and Sanada Yukimura (7,020 yen).


While each of the characters in the series has an interesting history, you might want to keep an extra-sharp eye on Sanada Yukimura (whose armour appears bottom-left, above) as he will be the star of NHK’s year-long Taiga drama series in 2016.

▼ Two of the most spectacular in the range: the gold Tokugawa Ieyasu and the silver Oda Nobunaga both retail for 10,260 yen ($85.06) each .

The collection has received a huge response from people in Japan who are eager to get their hands on the well-made suits of armour.

@spgd_minai shows us how a doll owner uses it.


Or if you’re at their page anyway…what about one of those awesome caps…use it to decorate your room or frighten the crap out of anybody during Halloween.

兜キャップ<br>豊臣 秀吉<br>-TOYOTOMI HIDEYOSHI-
兜キャップ<br>真田 幸村<br>-SANADA YUKIMURA-
-SANADA YUKIMURA- 11,880円(税込)
兜キャップ<br>徳川 家康<br>-TOKUGAWA IEYASU-
-TOKUGAWA IEYASU- 11,880円(税込)
兜キャップ<br>忍者バージョン<br>-NINJA VERSION-
-NINJA VERSION- 8,640円(税込)

 Samurai Age

These products are all handmade, so if they’re not in stock they need approx. 2 weeks to be created…let us know! JWS request form