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It finally arrived; The Rei Ayanami doll!

The final item in the Evangelion x Japanese Sword doll series looks awesome…and she’ll cut you if you disagree.

There’s little question that the first two Evangelion x Japanese Sword and Shikinami dolls released last year were pretty freaking awesome. The two previous dolls were of Asuka and Mari, who are obviously beloved characters. Even so, their popularity is dwarfed by Rei Ayanami, perhaps the most charming character in the series. Rei’s doll was previously announced, so this isn’t exactly surprising news, but now we have lots of details to share!

▼ And photos! We love photos.


First things first, if you’ve been holding your breath waiting to give someone your money, you can start breathing again — Takara Tomy, the company producing the dolls, is currently accepting pre-orders on their website. The doll will cost a cool 16,200 yen (about US$137). Unfortunately, Takara Tomy doesn’t ship overseas, but that’s what we’re here for.


In addition to a lovely kimono, Rei comes armed with a sword to cut down anyone who gets in her way. The blade comes with a dragon and Longinus engraved on one side and the phrase “戮力協心,” which is read “rikiryokukyuoushin” and basically means combining efforts to accomplish a task.

▼ Basically, Rei is the ultimate team player.


▼ A few close-ups of the blade


▼ The doll also comes with a scabbard and sword stand.


As you can see below, Rei’s sword and sword stand are bit bigger than Asuka’s and Mari’s versions, with a special piece that can be used to extend Rei’s sword stand. It’s also got the same chrysanthemum print as the doll’s kimono.


▼ We’re pretty sure this doll’s clothes are fancier than any of ours…




There’s no doubt that this doll will be the crown jewel of any fan’s collection — apologies to Asuka and Mari!

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Sources: Takara Tomy via Japaaan

Written by Rocketnews 24

Stacked One Piece figure for grown-ups costs a stack of cash, has nice…face 【Photos】

The success of One Piece really is amazing. Not only does it remain a perpetual favorite among its target demographic of young boys, the manga and anime franchise has managed to retain a surprisingly large amount of its original fanbase some 18 years after its first issue was published.

Since One Piece has held the attention of fans for so long after drawing them in as children, there must be something to creator Eiichiro Oda’s pirate tale that appeals to adult men as strongly, or maybe even more strongly, than to children. Maybe it’s the series’ core theme of long-term friendship, which grown-ups can more acutely understand. Maybe the way the stakes keeps getting higher for Luffy and his crew strikes a chord with fans who see it as a parallel to the way life throws more responsibilities and pressures at you as you get older.

Or maybe guys just like Oda’s penchant for drawing ridiculously stacked female characters which are then immortalized in plastic, as with this new Boa Hancock figure.

While One Piece’s leading lady Nami is known for her own impressive proportions, Oda seems to have gradually pumped up the physiques in his character artwork as the story has gone on. So by the time Boa shows up, several hundred episodes into the TV series (or chapters into the manga, if you’re reading the comic), the bar of statuesqueness has been significantly raised in the One Piece world.

But while Oda’s drawing style can be called imaginative and eclectic, “restrained” isn’t usually a word that comes up in describing it. He rose to the challenge with an especially voluptuous design for Miss Hancock, which has been lovingly recreated in this newly unveiled figure.

OP 5

OS 66

Faithful interpretation of Boa’s 2-D artwork that it may be, it’s a little startling to see how narrow her ribcage is.

OP 3

With such a top-heavy design, the possibility of the figure toppling over was no doubt a concern during the planning stages. The molders did a thorough job, though, and solved this potential problem by posing the figure in such a way that it has a wide, stable base.

▼ We can’t think of any other reason Boa’s legs are positioned like this.

OP 2

OP 4

OP 8

The designers also did a great job on the face, although we’re doubtful that many people who buy the figure will actually spend much time looking at that part of it.

OP 1

But while One Piece is ostensibly for kids, this scantily dressed Boa figure isn’t, which is why it’s being sold through merchandiser Bandai’s upscale Premium Bandai website. But if both the kid and the adult in you love One Piece, we can place your preorder for the 9,288-yen (US$78) figure here. Delivery is scheduled for February of next year.

Source: Premium Bandai