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Mobile suit Gundam Thunderbolt complete blu-rayedition now up for pre-order.

Premium Bandai has the complete edition of Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt December sky now up for pre-order with delivery in July.


The box with drawings of Hajime Katoki contains;

-a bonus disk “documentary of Thunderbolt”

-episode 1~episode 4

-animation works, booklet and staff interviews

-special booklet

-PV&CM collection

-cast and staff audio commentary

-Yasuo Otagaki drawn sleeve case

The Blu-ray set is in Japanese and English audio and Japanese, English, French, Korean and Chinese subtitles.

Price 10,000 yen




Drinking Japanese sake from Char Zaku’s head?

Yep that’s now possible with these handmade Guinomi tin cups made by Takaoka  casting in collaboration with Kunio Okawara. Guinomi tin cups are a little deeper than the usual sake cups and it is said that tin brings out the full flavor of the rice wine…BUT what Gundam lover is going to fill these little pieces of art with anything but love and care?

These cups come in traditional wooden boxes and cost 8,424 yen  and come in Zaku and Gundam, for 16,848 yen you can get both.

They will be up for sale on the 23rd of January with delivery scheduled in March.




Get Japanese music, anime cd’s/dvd’s for the price of a starbucks latte.

Japanese j-pop and anime music lovers have been having a hard time getting their fix, sure some retailers sell Cd’s/DVDs online, but you’ll be paying at least 3,000 yen a CD or more for DVDs and this doesn’t include shipping! You can use I tunes, but a lot of Japanese artists avoid this format and with I tunes you never really own the music, but you still pay a good deal for it..I never really understood why people fall for this, but well each their own. Keep reading till the end, because there might be a way to download music you paid for in the cheapest possible way, and own the CD.

J-pop artists aren’t that big overseas and therefore most labels won’t bother releasing their music, because in the music world you go big or you don’t…and most labels don’t want to invest a big deal in something which is not guaranteed to succeed. Besides the home market is still so profitable that there’s no need to take the risk.

mobile suit gundam;Char’s counter attack original soundtrack:original price 3,153 yen now 598 yen!

So what to do? Well we might have found  the solution for you in used Cd’s and DVD’s。Due to their stubborn attitude towards mp3 files, Cd’s rule in Japan, which means that used Cd’s are big business here with plenty of online shops and normal shops.

One of the biggest is Book Off, a chain with several  …..Off varieties like Hobby-Off, Hard-Off (always makes me giggle), etc. But Book Off is the only one which has a online shop

BOOK-OFF Online link

They sell used manga, DVDs, CD’s, books and games, mostly for a fraction of the original price.

Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, 3,291 yen now 1,980yen

Disk Union is less specialized in J pop and you won’t find the usual suspects here, but they have a large collection of (Japanese) rock, indie, rap and other forms of less mainstream music styles. They won’t have any 500 yen CD’s but they sell a lot of artists you won’t find anywhere else including loads of foreign hard to find artists.


MC寛MC 漢 a.k.a. GAMI

Furu1online (furu ichi online)link is another online retailer which deals in used comics, used books, new and used games, new and used DVDs, new and used CD’s and hobby collectibles. They are not always the cheapest, but they still beat the new prices hand down.

Perfume JPN first press limited edition with DVD. new price 3,394 yen, now 1,280 yen.
Fate/stay night saber promised victory sword excalibur was 10,885 yen but now 4,623 yen

And of course there’s always good old Amazon Japan link who also has a huge assortment of used CD’s and DVDs..often slightly more expensive, but far easier to navigate through and they have all the latest albums often slightly used with a “feel good” discount.

Tree, sekai no owari, new price 3,240 yen, used 1,912 yen.

Finding it hard to navigate? We feel your pain, so drop us a message with the name of the artist you’re looking for, give us two days( we will visit some used CD  shops) and we will find the best and the cheapest option for you! Or send us the link of the product you want and we will get it for you, or upon request look for a better deal.

request form

Remember we charge 10% commission on the total price of all the products bought (this is excluding shipping on which we don’t charge a dime of course). So a 500 yen CD will cost you 550 yen.

Last but not least, we will upon your request upload your CD to a private cloud server which you can download or stream , or we can upload it direct to your private website, so that you can enjoy the CD until the physical CD arrives…In case you don’t care about the physical CD we can upload it in FlAC or MP3 format and just send you the receipt.  This file will be only accessible by you.

We will send you your physical copy whenever you want us to.

We are still a little bit in the dark about the legality of this, so we can’t guarantee this until we receive final word from our legal team (an old retired lawyer with too much free time on his hands)




Duralumin mobile suit Gundam bumper set

Sometimes you make choices in life which prove to be the right ones …..for a long time, but then one day this choice hits you in the face and stumps on your sensitives…total despair and a high voice are what you’re left with.

I’m an Android man, I love the fact that I have control over my device, I love the fact that I can choose the phone which is right for my purposes and I love the fact that I don’t have to use I tunes… I own the biggest phone on the planet, a Galaxy Note 8…yes I’m the guy who’s  talking on his 8 inch tablet!

But then Bandai releases this……for the iphone 6 and 6s..

Yes a limited Mobile Suit Gundam duralmin bumper three piece set by Gild design

A beautiful crafted bumper with a laser etched back plate and a gorgeous metal earphone plug with the Gundam logo on it.

They come in three types ; the Gundam ver., Char zaku 2 and Hundred style.

The Gundam version is Blue with a “metal ” colored plate and a  “metal” colored front and a gold colored earphone plug∨

the Char Zaku 2 version is competely red pink..

And my favorite the Hundred style comes with a yellow plate, a black back bumper and a green front and a green earphone plug.


The inside is covered with a soft silicon cushioning material and small details like one different colored screw is just the icing on the cake.

These bumpers don’t come cheap of course, but they won’t break your piggy bank either at 18,144 yen and you get 181 Bandai points (if you order through us).

Now up for pre-order and delivery in January so you won’t have to wait too long.

Please use our request form for inquiries and orders

request form

Mobile Suit Gundam duralumin bumper set

Well I guess , I have to get an iphone 6 now, and use it as a remote control for my Amazon Fire Tv stick…I’m going to have the best looking remote control on the planet!




Anime meets traditional Japanese porcelain in this beautiful Gundam themed Kutani ware!

Kutani porcelain ware, which has its origins in Ishikawa Prefecture in central Japan, is a craft with a history of nearly four centuries. In recent years, we’ve seen makers of the traditional ware produce more modern and pop looking items in efforts to broaden their appeal to the public, with some beautiful results.

Now, we have another example of Kutani ware with a modern twist and it comes from a someway unexpected source — toy maker Bandai. Yes, in a brilliant case of pop culture meeting traditional craft, Bandai will be coming out with a line of Gundam Kutani ware!

Kutani 1

The result of a collaboration between the popular anime Mobile Suit Gundam, which first aired 36 years ago, and Kutani porcelain, which was established roughly 360 years ago, the special line of Gundam-themed ware depicts memorable characters and scenes from the anime.

Kutani ware typically involves illustrations painted in a dark paint known as gosu in Japanese, made from a mineral aggregate mainly containing cobalt, which is then colored with thick coats of red, yellow, green, purple, and navy blue paints. Traditionally, natural images such as mountains, flowers, and birds are drawn and decorated with bold colors.

There are four types of products available in the line which are sure to tempt any Gundam fan.

▼ Here are the hashioki, or chopstick rests, in five brilliant designs. Each is done in a different style of Kutani and priced at 3,780 yen (US$31). The colors are eye-poppingly brilliant!

Kutani 2

▼ There’s also a set of small-sized plates in the same five designs at 6,480 yen ($54).

Kutani 3

▼ Rice bowls are available in two designs, selling at 5,616 yen ($47) for the pair.

Kutani 4

▼ And for your tea or coffee, they have these mugs in the same two designs, also priced at 5,616 yen ($47) a pair.

Kutani 5

▼ And if you want the entire collection, you can get the complete set with all the items for 21,492 yen ($178)!

Kutani 1

The Gundam Kutani ware items are available for pre-order at the Premium Bandai online shop until November 13 and scheduled for shipment in February next year. They unfortunately don’t ship to locations outside of Japan, but we do….very very careful… You’ll also be able to purchase them at Gundam Cafe shops starting November 14 as well.

While perhaps unconventional, these items certainly look like a perfect combination of intricate Kutani craftsmanship and the powerful world of Gundam. We’re sure they’ll appeal to fans of modern art as well as Gundam fans with their successful and beautiful fusion of tradition and modern culture!

Source, images: Premium Bandai online shop

Turn over a new gold leaf with these stylish Gundam dishes from the Gundam Cafe

The age of the geek with expendable cash is truly upon us, as many people who grew up on comic books and cartoons are turning into adults with well-paying jobs. There is also a growing population of people in Japan who are forgoing a traditional relationship and instead spending more money on themselves. These burgeoning consumers might be the reason why you will find geek-centric yet sophisticated household items. That way, responsible adults can still revel in their fandoms but still be refined home decorators.

It’s time to get our wallets ready again, since now you can buy Mobile Suit Gudam plates covered in Kanazawa gold leaf.

There is a style of traditional craftwork produced in Kanazawa that turns gold into gold leaf. The time-honored technique is brilliant, both in ingenuity and shininess.

gundam 9

Gold leaf is gold that is hammered around 10,000 times to create a sheet of gold foil that is only 1-2 millimeters (0.04-0.08 inches) thick. The precious gold leaf is used as an accent or even the main attraction in many different items ranging from fountain pens to Japanese fans and decorative trinket boxes. Kanazawa City in Ishikawa Prefecture produces 99 percent of the gold leaf in Japan and proudly calls it Kanazawa-Haku. If you have visited Kyoto before, it is likely that you have seen this special gold leaf in person, as the famous Golden Pavilion is covered in gold leaf from Kanazawa.

gundam 10©RocketNews24

Mobile Suit Gundam fans can rejoice as a brand new collaboration combines the dazzling Kanazawa-Haku with the iconic mechanical designs of Kunio Okawara. You have probably never seen Gundam and the Zaku so traditionally stylish before.

gundam 1

gundam 5

gundam 8

gundam 6

Coming in a set of two, these beautiful plates would look amazing on any coffee table,  or mantel, since the plates come with stands as well. That’s just fine and dandy since you won’t be getting very much function out of these dishes anyway as they are only 14 centimeters by 14 centimeters (5.5 inches x 5.5 inches).

▼ Would you put your dirty food on here? We think not!

gundam 7

Gundam and gold leaf fans will have to head over to the Bandai Online Store if they want to pre-order the Gundam Gold-Leaf Glass Plates. You can do so from now until September 24 at 11:00 p.m. JST. After that, you’ll have to go in person to any Gundam Cafe location in Japan. The beautiful plates will cost 8,424 yen (US $69.91), but from the look of it, they are worth every pretty penny.

▼ Amuro will also be buying a set.

gundam 4