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Over 700 photos of men undressing! Because what manga artist doesn’t draw half-naked men, right?

This may be a rather random question, but are you capable of drawing a man in various states of undress? Most of us can probably visualize how it should look, but turning those thoughts into illustrations doesn’t always come at a snap of the fingers.

Coming to the rescue of budding illustrators and manga artists is a new pose reference book dedicated solely to men undressing. From T-shirts to kimono to boxer briefs, this is probably the most educational book we’ve seen filled with men stripping off their clothes.

We’ve heard of illustrators and manga artists relying on mirrors and cameras to observe their own expressions and movements, but there are times when having a model to pose for you makes things so much easier, especially if you’re trying to draw a character of the opposite sex. Besides, it’s probably kinda awkward to ask a random friend to pose and undress for you.

From the publishers of the highly popular posing reference book A BL Pose Collection Created Together With Manga Artists (see description beneath this article), the latest addition to the series is titled A Pose Collection Created Together With Manga Artists – Men’s Undressing Pose Collection and focuses on the process of undressing. Not only does the book document the process at various stages of undress, it also provides views from different angles, as well as illustration tips from manga artist Scarlet Beriko to help readers grasp the techniques more effectively.






A Pose Collection Created Together With Manga Artists – Men’s Undressing Pose Collection contains a total of 763 photos, showing various types of apparel, from casual wear to business suits and traditional Japanese clothing, not sparing the details of the removing of smaller fashion items such as footwear and accessories.

・Taking off a T-shirt
・Putting on a T-shirt
・Taking off a baggy T-shirt
・Removing a belt
・Taking off jeans
・Taking off a sweater
・Putting on a sweater
・Taking off sneakers
・Taking off socks
・Removing a scarf

・Taking off a jacket
・Putting on a jacket
・Taking off dress shoes
・Removing a necktie
・Taking off slacks
・Taking off a shirt
・Putting on a shirt
・Removing a wristwatch
・Undoing a button
・Taking off socks

・Taking off a haori
・Taking off a kimono
・Taking off a yukata
・Taking off a fundoshi (with underpants)
・Taking off tabi
・Taking off setta

・Taking off boxer briefs (with underpants)
・Putting on boxer briefs (with underpants)
・Removing glasses
・Removing a ring
・Removing an ear stud

The book comes with a CD containing all the photo data, and retails for 2,592 yen (US$21.50) on Amazon Japan. You should also be able to find it at major bookstores in Japan. It may seem slightly pricey for an illustration reference book, but considering the amount of weird stares it’ll save you from approaching people to undress for you, we think it’s well worth the money!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Amazon Japan

漫画家と作るBLポーズ集 (A BL Pose Collection Created Together With Manga Artists). As its title suggests, it’s a posing reference book for Boy’s Love illustrations created from the viewpoint of actual manga artists, ensuring that the poses featured in the book are poses that can be effectively applied in illustrations.

The sixth and most recent installment of this reference book series revolves around a “celebrity” theme, and features the roles of a wealthy president of an entertainment company and his capable secretary and lover.

▼ Kentarou Takisawa, 24-years-old, 180cm
Role: CEO of an entertainment company, uke (“bottom”)

▼ Kaito Akagi, 24-years-old, 188cm
Role: Secretary and lover of the CEO, seme (“top”)

To achieve the golden touch, the photoshoot was done at a tastefully done up luxury mansion with tall ceilings, sparkling chandeliers, and a real fireplace to boot. Not to mention, the legendary indoor swimming pool that has appeared in countless TV dramas, gravure photobooks and most of all, adult videos. This particular swimming pool has gained such extensive exposure in the adult entertainment industry that most of the AV-watching population in Japan simply refers to it as “that pool”.




The scenes involve rose petal baths, handcuffs, blindfolds, roulette, drenched shirts and feather play. (Don’t ask, we have no idea what feather play explicitly means either. Sounds ticklish, though.)







Perfect atmosphere, well-proportioned models and a variety of situations… this book definitely feeds the imagination of fujoshi (or fudanshi, guys who are fans of homoerotic fiction)! Volume six of 漫画家と作るBLポーズ集  retails for 2,160 yen (US$20.80) on Amazon Japan and various bookstores in Japan.