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New Evangelion lingerie and roomwear range features five favourite characters and a penguin!

The world of intimate apparel has taken an animated turn recently, with online fashion retailer SuperGroupies creating bra and panty sets inspired by the female pilots’ plugsuits from Neon Genesis Evangelion and popular lingerie and women’s apparel brand Peach John releasing Sailor Moon lingerie.

Now Peach John is coming out with its own Eva-inspired line of roomwear and intimates, featuring matching bras and panties with gorgeous Evangelion details, a nightie and even a Pen Pen onesie to lounge about the house in.

On sale from October 5, this special line of Eva apparel and intimates will be available for delivery from the end of January 2016.

First up in the range, we have two lacy dresses which retail for 7,538 yen (US$63) each. Now you and your bestie can choose to role-play in either Rei Ayanami’s light-blue garment or Asuka Langley Shikinami’s darker one.



▼ The Eva Model lacy bra sets come in five designs for 7,538 yen ($62.83) each. Clockwise from top left: Shinji (blue), Rei (white and orange), Asuka (red and green), Mari (pink) and Kaworu (purple).


▼ We love the fact that we can dress in the blue colours of the male protagonist Shinji Ikari.


▼And the Eva unit numbers on the backsides are a nice touch.

▼ Spear of Longinus Bra sets come in red, white, or blue for 6,458 yen each.


▼ The Spear of Longinus pattern is absolutely adorable!


▼ There are also two soft cup bra sets without underwire. Featuring the AT-Field print, these retail for 5,378 yen each.

6 7

▼ Get in touch with your flirty side in a sheer blue and white “doll” set reminiscent of Rei’s school uniform for 7,358 yen.

▼ And for lazy days at home, stay warm in an adorable Pen Pen onesie for 8,618 yen.




Be sure to get in quick so you can take your pick from all the gorgeous Eva items on offer! The range will be available online from Premium Bandai from October 5-30 and Peach John from October 5-14, but if you’d like to see the items in-store, there’s only one outlet that will be stocking them – the Shinjuku San-chome Peach John store.


But to be honest, I prefer these Evangelion sets….but hell I’m just a guy..

EL 0

EL 0

Up first is Rei, whose intimate apparel features the slogan, “Sleeker. Cuter. Lingerie that excites the heart.”

EL 9

Of course Ayanami blue is used as an accent, along with the red and orange of Rei’s Evangelion Unit-00.

EL 2

EL 4

Finally, Mari, the newest addition to the sisterhood of Eva pilots, is the basis for this “Cute, adult lingerie” that will help to “Make every day special.”

EL 11

EL 6

▼ The collected underwear of Rei, Asuka, and Mari, piled on the floor. Is this what Shinji’s dreams look like?

EL 12

Unfortunately the first  sets are already sold out… but they will accept orders for the second batch, however delivery won’t be till February 2016..

We can get you anything from Japan to anywhere..the cheapest way!