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variety goods store Village Vanguard

Famous for its weirdness, loved for its uniqueness..yes we’re talking about novelty goods/ book store, Village Vanguard. Founded in 1986 in the town were JWS’ headquarters are located;Nagoya.

Ever wondered what beef flavored chewing gum tastes like? Are you a romantic who loves candlelight….what about some sushi shaped candles?


What do you give to a friend who has everything, well in my case I was presented with a Doo Doo head mask…yes a turd shaped mask…I still don’t know whether to be insulted or …. , still I can’t wait for Halloween to start!

【おもしろマスク】DOO DOO HEAD MASK(うんこマスク)

Or what about these “new high” horror inspired half tights,



They might form a perfect match  with these ears…


And to round of the look what about this awesome kurukuru maki (around and around) ring.

【九十九一六八】束縛指輪 9号(赤)(リボンなし)

They have loads of truly interesting t-shirts for the more courageous under us.

Wrestler 4,104 yen

The fake black/red/white /blue/pink bra tee, which is a shirt with a fake rip showing a pair of impressive breast hold together by a black lace brassiere.

妄想マッピング -黒いブラTシャツ-(レディース半袖)
3,780 円

And for the lads too!

【VV限定】妄想マッピング -白いブラTシャツ-(半袖)
3,780 円

What about the chic (that’s how they describe it) roach on meat shirt…just the perfect thing to wear when you’re shy and don’t know how to start a conversation..

【オシャレもここまで来ました】オリジナルTシャツ 【ゴキ肉】
1,620 円

Truly special and a bit disturbing is this t-shirt with a print of the Japanese com(ugh ugh)edian; Egachan, famous for walking around half naked and being gross. (yeah it’s Japanese entertainment!). Worn in a conventional way it’s just a Tee….but when you pull the bottom of the shirt over your head, you become Egachan! Is this the start of a new trend?

【VV限定】江頭2:50被って変身オリジナルTシャツ【EGASHIRA2:50】(Sサイズ ピンク)

Well this is just a pinch of what they have for sale, check out their site and you’ll find the weirdest, thought provoking( Why would somebody buy this???) and truly Japanese unusual stuff. Village Vanguard novelty shop


【第一回クリエイターコンペ入選】シリダス パンツ

space alien
【靴下にマントが!!】スーパーマン ハイソックス+マント
super woman high socks with little capes attached

Let us know what you like and we’ll get it to you,,,wherever you live!

Village Vanguard novelty shop

【BAYCAMP×VV】芦沢ムネト×HAJIME FANTASY『ワン』Tシャツ(ホワイトXLサイズ)【9月下旬発送予定】

lightsaber umbrella
【巨大生物シリーズ!】メガカマキリ 73cm
Giant praying mantis

Autumn inspired mascara..from Harajuku.

Harajuku based cosmetic brand UPS (no not US postal service) has released three autumn color inspired masacara(s?).

Each mascara consist out of two colors, one for the upper eye lashes and one for the lower eye lashes, with the lower color to be more “vivid”.

They are easily washed  off with lukewarm water and can also be applied to eyelash extensions…however they are claimed to be water and sweat proof.

Red & Burgundy high color of red color

ink & Navy in high-color a vivid pink × chic adult Navy to develop a color to adult but cute impression.

Orange & Brown Brown

The ladies at the office swear by the high quality of ups products, and even when they sweat because I make them work so hard, but too stingy to lower the aircon, their mascara never runs..so there’s your proof!

This product will be released on september the 14th.

Product Name: Double Eye Color Mascara ■ Price: 1,600 yen (excluding tax)


JWS is going to Nagasaki!

After months of hard work, serving loads of satisfied customers, we are finally taking a well deserved break.

Most of our staff will spend the holiday at home of visit their “jikka” or hometown to visit and pray at the graves of they ancestors. After all it’s Obon holiday, a time when the spirits return home for a short visit.

I will take my family to Kyushu island (we live on Honshu, the “main” island) and after 24 years of thinking of going, finally visit Nagasaki and observe all its beauty!

For the second year in a row, the Japanese representative for the Miss Universe competition hails from Nagasaki, with last year’s crown holder being Keiko Tsuji. As cool as that is, the real story of the year is that the 2015 representative, Ariana Miyamoto, is half Japanese.


Mmm maybe not the kind of beauty the missus has in mind, I think her preferences are more like this…

I guess I better follow my wife’s lead on this….or should I?

Besides visiting Nagasaki’s downtown we will also drive (rental car) to mount Unzen, a volcano which most recently active from 1990 to 1995  and a large eruption in 1991 generated a pyroclastic flow that killed 43 people, including three volcanologists. In 1792, the collapse of one of its several lava domes triggered a mega tsunami that killed about 15,000 people in Japan’s worst-ever volcanic-related disaster….

That’s my wife’s idea of an active vacation…running for your life while being chased by molten lava and suffocating ash..

I had this in mind..

I see myself rolling on the beach, drinking a cold beer after cold beer working on my biceps.

Being a Dutchman, of course visiting Nagasaki has some special meaning, the first foreigners who were allowed to trade with the Japanese were the Dutch. They weren’t allowed to set foot on mainland, instead they were placed on a small island called Dejima.

The Dutch not only introduced spices and other products, they also brought the German doctor Siebold who introduced western medicine.

The Dutch influences still linger in Nagasaki, a bridge

a manhole


a randosel (ランドセル)derived from the Dutch word ransel. This a bag used by elementary school students.

And.. an attraction park:

Nagasaki Huis ten Bosch

Yes it’s Holland….but then smalller, with fewer cows, no coffee shops and shorter folks. It’s basically how MY perfect Holland would be like…(since I’m kinda short, not a big fan of cows and don’t smoke pot), now if my family and friends would be so kind to move from the lowlands to here, then it would be really perfect!

Our one week holiday doesn’t mean that japanwebshopping is completely closed, all ongoing transactions will be handled by a part time employee who has no family, friends and life, and request will still be accepted. The only part of the business which is down for the week is the “shop on on location” part, (physical shopping that is).

I will update this blog while I’m in Nagasaki during my 2 hour breakfast( I love buffet breakfasts)

We wish you all a happy summer holiday!

Nagasaki chanpon ramen….it’s so good!

Wild funky Japanese urban fashion

We like to introduce some “minor” Japanese fashion brands, minor as in world wide, but here in Japan these brands can count on a huge following. All these brands are designed and produced in japan. Japan fashion isn’t just Yohji Yamamoto, Rei, Kenzo and Miyake…check out what these lesser well known brands have to offer…often for a fraction of the price of the big designer goods.
Next up: Japan’s bad boy/girl brand, Hysteric Glamour!
Hysteric glamour clothes have an “in your face” design, partly punk, partly rock and partly pop artish. These clothes make the wearer give a statement that they don’t suffer from any shyness.
For used products check out:








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