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Ukiyoe releases Iron Maiden woodblock print featuring Eddie as a hellish courtesan

Forget running for the hills, we’re running to buy one of these amazing prints!


Iron Maiden is, without question, one of the greatest metal bands in history. Their influence is nearly impossible to calculate at this point, but their signature sound has been getting crowds moving for four decades. Aside from their wide-ranging lyrics, galloping riffs, and Bruce Dickinson’s vocals, one of the most memorable aspects of the legendary band is their creepy-yet-delightful mascot Eddie.


The zombie-like character appears on pretty much every album cover and piece of Iron Maiden merchandise you’ll find. And, you have to admit, he’s a perfect stand in for a six-piece band — he never ages, he’s instantly recognizable, and he never has to worry about make up for photo shoots!

But this has to be the most unique piece of Iron Maiden merchandise we’ve ever seen Eddie appear on: A limited-edition ukiyoe print! The print, pictured below, is titled “Jigoku Tayu Jitsu ha Edei” (which could be translated as “The Hell Courtesan Is Actually Eddie”)

▼ We love Eddie, but a beautiful courtesan he is not…


Only 300 prints will be produced — each one hand-made by a team of Japanese artisans, including paper by living national treasure Iwano Ichibei, meaning every print will be unique. They’ll also feature one of our favorite details in an ukiyoe print ever, the iron maiden pictured below with the text “穢行銘傳之内”, which can be read “aian meiden no uchi.” The reading itself means “inside the iron maiden,” but if you take the kanji at face value, “aian meiden” means something like “the legend chronicling the impure act.” So, it works on several, gruesome levels!

▼ Who doesn’t love a good play on words, right?


As with previous prints from the Ukiyoe Project, you won’t be able to purchase one for cheap — the price listed on their webstore is 108,000 yen (about US$966). The production is set to start soon, but finished prints aren’t expected to ship until the beginning of September, meaning these prints will be better as presents for the winter holidays than for Mother’s Day. They don’t have overseas shipping available , but but that’s our job, so leave it to us, we are already quite experienced ordering and shipping several Kiss ukiyoes prints.

It also looks like there’s another Iron Maiden ukiyoe print being developed as well. We don’t have any details yet, but you can believe we’ll share them with you when we do!

Sources: Ukiyoe Project

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The fall collection of Niitu is jaw-dropping amazing.

Changes are big that you’ve never heard of the name Niitu (pronounced Nitsu), well that’s about to change, because this young fashion brand has just released their 2016-2017 Fall/Winter collection and we love it!

Founded in 2012 by two brothers, they started selling their clothes on Flea markets

Laying the groundwork to achieve brand recognition, they started opening temporarily shops in various department stores and designers fairs basically to promote their brand.

Once they opened their Web shop they realized that their hard work had paid off and they could put all their effort in designing and creating clothes.

Niitu shares some style elements with established brands Gouk and Gomme who also get their inspiration from Japanese traditional clothes, but has it own recognizable style and can surely keep their own place in the Japanese fashion world.






You won’t find these clothes yet on their shop site, but what’s left of the spring/summer collection is also quite amazing…


¥ 18,000


¥ 16,000


¥ 24,000
¥ 29,000

Gouk, Gomme and of course Yohji Yamamoto have created this unique Japanese look, lots of black and gray, asymmetry and long tops, Niitu may call itself a proud addition to this group.

Let us know what you think and don’t hesitate to ask whatever you want to know!

niitu webshop

niitu home

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How to make green tea even more Japanese.

Well the simple answer to that is the following: You fill a small bag with high quality green tea leaves from Japan’s “tea prefecture” Shizuoka, connect a string to it and instead of the usual squarish label at the end, you connect a paper laser cutout of a traditional Japanese figure.


Due to some nifty cutting, you’re figure won’t drown in the tea.

There is a description of each figure in Japanese and English on the package.

1-Fullscreen capture 20160413 92752


The designer of these teabags recommends you to use the cutouts as decoration, for example next to a light switch or behind a lamp shade….like I said, nifty.

1-Fullscreen capture 20160413 91910

They are unfortunately completely sold out at the moment, but new stock is on its way!

The package contains 6 teabags with high quality green tea and costs  1080 yen.

Yamakotobuki Sugimoto shop actors uniform TEA BAG

Serge Roso

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Panties glasses make the world a happier place.

Panties or knickers are not commonly associated with glasses, but one clever Japanese designer came up with the idea to make glasses with panties after he finished his fourth “mizu wari” (whiskey, bourbon or  brandy with water). He leaned back in his comfortable floor chair and looked at the empty glass on his kotatsu…just then his wife came out of the shower wearing nothing but panties… After 20 years of marriage, his gaze never wavered from his empty glass..hell even the notion of some adult rompty domp (is that a word?) would be merciless struck down, after all it was a Wednesday and sex was only to be had on Saturday…in 1995 and 1997 to be exact, which were also the days that their daughters were conceived.

Then by pure coincidence his ball and chains stood with her back to him in a precise line with his glass, and her back fitted almost exactly in the shape of his glass…an idea was born. Of course I just completely made this up, because I have not the faintest idea why somebody would create this..but I’m happy someone did.

the glasses are shaped like legless (and armless and headless)torsos including a belly button, which would be creepy but for some reason isn’t.

They come in four colors(the ribbons), blue, pink, black and red.

8,640 yen

If you fill them up with Piruku, a Japanese very very sweet yogurt  based drink  they look like below, but Yohei Ishii, the creator, recommends milk to get the “white” skin effect and milk tea for a more sun burnt effect..and chocolate milk for the more tropical look.


パンティグラス リボン(ブラック)パンティグラス リボン(ブルー)

The panties glass Adult is a bit more eh well adultish.

パンティグラス アダルト

There is the Heartfull:

パンティグラス HeartFull(ハートフル)

The glass is always a bit tilted since the maker refrained from giving it’s creation a kardashian’s butt.

パンティグラス HeartFull(ハートフル)

The panties glass Kotobuki is his latest creation and double the price due to the materials used.

16,200 yen

These glasses are all handcrafted and of serious good quality.


His site Dwango  Jaypi has more panties themed products if you discovered a taste for this after reading this…

A coin case:

Panty Minaj coin case feat...BREEEF(ブリーフ型コインケース)Panty Minaj coin case feat...YOKOJIMA(パンティ型コインケース)Panty Minaj coin case feat...MIZUTAMA(パンティ型パスケース)

A panties mask (reversible!? with dots on one side and stripes on the other)

1,080 yen


Panties hat!




ぱんつ帽子<ピンク縞パン> Three versions, price:2,582 yen

These glasses are just cute and fun, they make you smile and that’s actually what the creator intended to do, to create something you can use daily and make you feel happy!

Check out their website

order form

and while you’re there, don’t forget to look at these Resin Damascus  knives!

レジンダマスカス ナイフ03
6,480 yen

レジンダマスカス ナイフ03

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Let the force clean your teeth.

In an era  of electric toothbrushes, sensodyne, dental floss and jetwashers to keep our teeth clean, there is still a place for the humble toothpick. Back in good old Mesopotamia and the Roman empire, toothpicks were the main means of dental hygiene, and the fact that they ate little sugar made them sport those fantastic white Hollywood smiles..(this is a historical fact, we at JWS take our facts seriously, using all kinds of trustful sources like Gladiator and Ben Hur.)

Look perfect teeth right?

Nowadays though the toothpick would be fighting  a losing a battle against our high-sugar diet, but thanks to our improved dental cleaning methods, the toothpick can sit down and take it easy and only makes it appearance on the dinner table.

But now you’re sitting opposite of your date eating a delicious dinner and just when you want to smile about something she said, you feel that there’s something stuck in your front teeth…with your tongue you try to pry it loose, but to no avail…you look at your dish trying to figure out what it could be, if it’s white she might not notice, but ah your eye falls on the little black sesame seeds on your dish and you know that you have a problem….

How you wished that you had paid attention to this site..you would have known about the tooth saber from Bandai.

This is maybe the second best thing to a real light saber for getting rid of unwanted food particles in your mouth.

It’s genius really, you have this little Darth Vader figure on your table, looking all mysterious, and when you pull the lever on his back, he’ll hand you a toothpick hidden in his cape.  There are a total of 10 toothpicks hidden in his cape.

It’s genius for other reasons too, you can finally put a Star Wars figure in the living room without anyone making a fuss,and  if you run out of talking material, you can say “let me show you a  trick”, and fill up another 10 minutes with conversation.

Of course toothpicks also make for great finger/fork substitutes.

The Darth Vader ToothSaber is now up for pre-order with estimated release in June, and the price is 2,627 yen.

Get it now or let us get it on Amazon Japan

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Kiss+Ukiyo-E project=total awesomeness

“The true beauty and purpose of this traditional art form is brought back to life, as a new Ukiyo-e piece by skilled craftsmen (Illustrator • Wood Carver • Hand Printer) who have passed down the original techniques to subsequent generations for over 400 years.”

Creating these wood prints is an 8 month process

True Japan lovers and art lovers don’t have to be informed in the beauty and skill of Ukiyo-e, the 400 year old Japanese Traditional Woodblock Print art.

This time they partnered up with U.S.-based Epic Rights, the global brand management firm for KISS to create the best looking Ukiyo-e yet…KISS has some kind of Kabuki presence due to their make up and facial expressions (think long tongue), which makes them the perfect models.

They have created 3 unique pieces for the “international” market (which in this case means the USA and Japan) , with two pieces coming in “autographed”(by the band) and not “autographed”.

1-The artwork shows a battle scene of MOMOIRO CLOVER Z (MCZ) in vibrant, bright and colorful armor, versus KISS as the black flame, fireball monster.

MOMOIRO CLOVER Z vs. KISS Ukiyo-e  $1,250.00

2-KISS Kabuki Ukiyo-e. This portrait style is very popular in the Ukiyo-e art. The design of the Kimono comes from Aoko Roshi(47 Ronin), a touch of shine is infused with mica on the Kimono (grey area) in respect to KISS. The color inside Hauberk expresses each member of the band.
The lighter color make-up symbolizes Kabuki’s Kumadori make-up.

$1,250.00 or  $2,500.00 for the autographed piece

Autographed KISS Kabuki



3-KISS Monstrous Ukiyo-e. The members of the band are transformed into monsters and samurai. Gene Simmons is the flying devil with the big head. Eric Singer is the ‘Nekomata (mythical two-tailed monster)’, which stands for cat monster just like his character in the band. Tommy Thayer is the ‘Nuribotoke’ a monster with the Buddha face. Paul Stanley is the warrior who fights these creatures and the front piece of the warrior’s helmet has a star shape from his persona name ‘Star Child’.
Pentagram is his signature but hexagram on his armor above his knees are meant to protect from the evil.

$1,250.00 or  $2,500.00 for the autographed piece

Autographed KISS Monstrous


For the Japanese only(KISS fan club) market they have one more….

4-KISS Ukiyo ERI “Ukiyo Sui

KISS浮世絵 『浮世粋男接吻四人衆之内宝琉須丹礼』 【サイン入り】

original piece

KISS浮世絵 『浮世粋男接吻四人衆之内宝琉須丹礼』 【サイン入り】KISS浮世絵 『浮世粋男接吻四人衆之内宝琉須丹礼』 【サイン入り】KISS浮世絵 『浮世粋男接吻四人衆之内宝琉須丹礼』 【サイン入り】

The prices in Japanese yen are 108,000 yen and 237,600, which is 966,- and 2,127 dollars give or take at the present exchange rate, which means that they charge you $250 dollars for packaging, shipping and import duty(which is included in the price). If we order yours we will receive the print in the same packaging but we’ll give you the luxury to choose the courier. Folks from other nationalities have no choice than to use us in obtaining these pieces, but you too have the option to choose from several couriers.

Each print will be limited to 200 pieces!

Estimated delivery: Mid November or Early December of 2015 .

Size: 18.9 x 13.4inches (48 x 34cm)

The Ukiyo-e is Unframed yet, it is presented in a specially designed folio made specifically for the KISS Ukiyo-e series.

Material: Washi, Traditionally hand-made Japanese Paper “Echizen kizuki housho” “Echizen kizuki housho” is made by Shouhachi Yamaguchi in Fukui Prefecture. This Washi making in Fukui has a history of 1500 years. Washi was used for preserving documents in the age of the samurai. Made of all natural fibers from the mulberry tree, which allows the Washi to be very durable. Ukiyo-e would not have its form unless the Artisans had this Washi paper. And there’s only 2 Washi craftsmen left to make this Echizen kizuki housho.


All these prints are up for pre order, BUT, you can cancel your order any time during the pre-order period,  Once the items are ready, the buyer will receive a notification email. Once notified, the buyer will have 24 hours to cancel before we process the payment. Once the credit card payment is processed, 5% will be charged for the cancelled order after the 24 hours.

This also counts if you order through us, your payment won’t be touched until you have received your order, this system goes for all our products and we can proudly say that we’ve never let a customer down.

Ukiyo-e project


information and request form

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Rock And Roll All Nite ジーン・シモンズTシャツ
KISS ARMY T 2,970円

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Now you and your kids can experience the fun of owning a cat without any of the hairballs!

Kids these days sure do get some high-tech toys. Gone are the days of the Furby and the Tamagotchi — now we have actual moving, expressive robots! It’s all the good stuff about having a pet without any of the hard work.

For example, toy company Takara Tomy’s latest robotic pet, Hello! Woonyan, goes on sale in Japan next month. According to the following tweet by the company, the “capricious kitty robot” has a diverse array of abilities, including the following:

“Real meowing! Real movements! It chases after your hand and its toy ball using the infrared sensors in its eyes. We’re now taking preorders for Hello! Woonyan.”

▼ Some of Woonyan’s other tricks include changing eye colors to demonstrate mood swings, singing, dancing, and displaying hidden talents, such as barking like a dog.



Hello! Woonyan joins Takara Tomy’s lineup of other Hello! robotic pets, which include Hello! Zoomer the dog and Hello! Dino the, well, green robotic dinosaur.



Check out the following promotional video to see Woonyan in action:

▼ This commercial has taught us that kids will go positively starry-eyed when they see any robotic toy, and won’t stop staring at it…quiet kids..oh yes!


▼ …now…


▼…or now…


▼ …or even now. Hey, is it even possible to hypnotize a robot?


▼ Dude, that’s actually a little creepy.


Nowadays, robotic pets are so popular that your real, living pets will beg for your attention. “Play with me, too,” your forlorn hamster squeaks…


The only thing that’s not so darling about Woonyan? Its hefty price tag of 18,000 yen (US$161). Maybe mom shouldn’t let the cat out of the bag–or the toy store–after all!

request form

Sources: Twitter/@takaratomytoys, Takara Tomy
Top image: Takara Tomy

written by rocketnews 24 edited by JWS