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Kawaii yakata takes cuteness to a new level…

Nobody does cute like the Japanese, it’s like their yin to their yang….Japan kinda invented monsters and other  straight out of nightmares things like “yokai” which are otherworldly or inexplicable beings and the “kaiju” or strange beast. Believe in ghosts (obake) and spirits (Yūrei) is very strong, sure not everybody will openly admit this, but few eyebrows are raised if a person tells that he or she witnessed a ghost.

They even captured a ghost on BBC world service..actually this is a Yamamba, a trend which used to be big in Harajuku….

But for every Oni(devil) there’s a Kitty, for every kappa a  my melody…And we are not only taking about fictional monsters…. for every bully there’s a Doraemon and for every prime minister there’s Mickey Mouse. So a country which creates and houses the world’s most horrible creatures, also creates the biggest amount of cute creatures(dolls and people included)..if that’s not yin and yang then what is?


Japan loves kawaii and kawaii is big business, kawaii girls join kawaii girl’s bands and play in sold out theaters, Disney Land is the most popular place to visit for Japanese, USJ (Universal Studio Japan) would never have survived if they didn’ have  Snoopy, all the characters of Sesame Street and Sanrio’s Kitty. Cities and prefectures spend lots of (tax)money to create a cute mascot for promotion and hopefully increased tourism and trade..with mixed results. Make up companies are doing business selling mascara to make your eyes look bigger, giving you that manga kawaii look. The list goes on and on

HELLO KITTYがチャッキーに!?/ぬいぐるみS/ネイルシール/ピアス(4個)セット
USJ’s Hello Kitty/chucky halloween doll…sold out in minutes.

This month  Yahoo shopping site  Smartphone Toy Store  Hamee opened a new site called the “Kawaii Mansion (link)“, this site has a huge assortment of smartphone related and heaps of other  kawaii goods.

sailor moon crystal glass set 5,000 yen + 50 shopping points
Disney memo can 500yen (1 can)

#3D Pochi Friends Bear 1,380 yen


The really popular kotori (small bird) collection sekisei inko (parakeet) stuffed birds. 2,200円


And if you can’t find here what you’re looking for, may we suggest you check out Sanrio’s website… where you can even find something cool like this teapot.

And don’t forget to purchase these coasters, you don’t want to get stains on your new table now don’t you?