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gothic rock, punk fashion brand DrugHoney sale has started!

Back in May we announced the opening of Gothic rock, punk fashion brand DrugHoney’s online web store. We are extremely pleased that our written introduction of this brand had some influence on our fashion conscious audience…clothes were ordered and shipped to the Philippines, the States,China, Korea,  Canada, Costa Rica, Belgium, Italy, France, Australia, Peru, Russia, Luxembourg, Brazil and Germany, proving that people no matter where they live, don’t want to be put in a box and labelled.

Those who were hesitant to purchase these awesome clothes are now given a new gateway through their summer sale. With discounts up to 50%, there is really no excuse anymore for those attracted to DrugHoney’s designs.

nightmare party one-piece ¥4,580 →→→ SALE¥2,290
Front stars and stripes flaps connected wide pants ¥5,280 →→→ SALE ¥2,640
big pocket cargo pants  ¥4,580 →→→ SALE ¥2,290


If you’re on their page anyway, we recommend you to check out their  new arrivals which again beautifully tip toe the line between punk, Goth and mode!

Tomoko Hirano JWS

Converse sneakers go Ultra!

For the 50th anniversary of Ultraman, Converse has created some awesome kicks, two based on their best selling AllSTAR HI model and one on their SLIP OX.


First up is the ALL STAR ULTRAMAN R HI


Now look at the soles….no one will complain when you sit with your feet up..ever again!



Next up is the ALL STAR ELEKING R HI .


Like the monster in the movies, these glow in the dark!


Look at these soles..sugoi (wow in Japanese)

コンバース「オールスター エレキング R HI」(ソール)


To be worn without or…..


with shoestrings..


And of course good old Baltan is featured on the soles too.

コンバース「オールスター バルタンセイジン R スリップ OX」(ソール)

The shoes will go up for sale in July with prices ranging from 8,500 yen for the Elekings to 9,500 yen for both the others.

Why not combine them with a MAN OF ULTRAxROEN layered pullover parka? (43,200 yen)



Or keep it simple with this MAN OF ULTRA logo t-shirt. (black and white)¥6,372

Funny how things turn out, I admit that I’ve never been a great fan of the early Ultra Man series, but when it comes to fashion, no other superhero has it beat….maybe it’s the simple yet strong name “Ultra Man”, it’s a logo which never looks cheesy but tasteful and can be worn with all outfits. Call me a fan and when I prance around in my new Ultra yukata I know that fashion is on my side and the geek in me will be allowed to walk hand in hand with my better half.

for more info on the sneakers click here, and for the THE MAN OF ULTRA FASHION click here.

Serge Roso JWS



Summer time…Yukata time!

It’s almost that time of the year again, the cicadas sing their songs, the mosquitoes sharpen their claws and people practice their Bon dance moves. When summer knocks on Japan’s door, the country turns into one happy party of amazing fire works displays, cold beer, and summer festivals. The time has come to dust off the Yukata (casual cotton kimono) or get a whole new outfit all together.


The great thing about yukata is that they are easy to put on, making them accessible for everyone. The knot in the obi might be the only hard part, but a quick search on google will solve that problem, and if you use your yukata as room gown you don’t even have to worry about that.

Hishiya Calen Blosso Yukata collection 2016.

They teamed up with designer Nishioka Pencil (?) and created this Okinawa’s  traditional Bingata dyeing technique  inspired yukata line. Clear and vivid colors mark this line and the TeleTubbies hairstyle of the model show how thin the line has become between traditional and “mode”.

57,240 yen


Cayhane has come up with a Kimono for novice users and advance users who are willing to try something “new”.

The two part yukata is a true versatile piece of clothing, you can use the bottom as a skirt and the top part as an one piece….combine them together and you have a yukata!

The prices are also more than reasonable, averaging 7,000 yen .










Tsukikageya releases new line with adorable kitty and bear prints

For those who want to forgo bright colors and instead opt for something calmer but not less interesting, these kitty and bear printed yukata may be the way to go.



And bears, because nothing says summer like some cute bears..


These ribbons covered yukata is probably one of the cutest yukata you can find.


These come at a price though..each yukata costs 55,529 yen (about US$500).

If you like  the more orthodox way, than AEON department has a lovely line-up for you which according to AEON’s policy won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

14,800 yen for yukata
9,800 yen

Shipping on these yukata won’t be high due to the fact that they are rather light, so mail us for info and let us know how we can help you.

Serge Roso JWS

gothic rock, punk fashion brand Drug Honey opens shopping site.

Unisex Goth inspired fashion has been around for some time, but it always has had a certain target group, you are into goth or you aren’t….putting you in clear social box.   What if you are a person who likes certain aspects of goth, but doesn’t want to be mistaken for a goth? What if you feel goth but don’t want to be labelled as such? Who likes labels anyway, the people who label other folks do this with a sense of superiority, making them narrow minded individuals in my opinion.

Drug honey’s designs have a very strong Gothic flavor, but combine them with another style piece of clothing and see them transform into their own unique style! Their designs are truly classy and the fabric and design hides the fact that these clothes carry a relative low price tag. Well enough bla bla bla, let’s have a look.

Lace x striped back spindle Jabot shirt (women) 5,980 yen  including tax

Lace switching vintage satin-style flap skirt (unisex)3,980 yen  including tax

Leather winding wrist Gloves 1,580 yen


Monkey pants with suspenders (unisex)3,980


Long side themed Gothic cut dress (unisex) 5,280


Nobody knows  the concept of uniformity better than the Japanese, but through these new fashion brands, brands which carefully tip toe between several styles they are given the opportunity to rebel against that, and adopt the look they feel best represents them, not how society expects them to represent themselves….

PS the first buyer will receive a 20% discount coupon

Serge Roso JWS


The fall collection of Niitu is jaw-dropping amazing.

Changes are big that you’ve never heard of the name Niitu (pronounced Nitsu), well that’s about to change, because this young fashion brand has just released their 2016-2017 Fall/Winter collection and we love it!

Founded in 2012 by two brothers, they started selling their clothes on Flea markets

Laying the groundwork to achieve brand recognition, they started opening temporarily shops in various department stores and designers fairs basically to promote their brand.

Once they opened their Web shop they realized that their hard work had paid off and they could put all their effort in designing and creating clothes.

Niitu shares some style elements with established brands Gouk and Gomme who also get their inspiration from Japanese traditional clothes, but has it own recognizable style and can surely keep their own place in the Japanese fashion world.






You won’t find these clothes yet on their shop site, but what’s left of the spring/summer collection is also quite amazing…


¥ 18,000


¥ 16,000


¥ 24,000
¥ 29,000

Gouk, Gomme and of course Yohji Yamamoto have created this unique Japanese look, lots of black and gray, asymmetry and long tops, Niitu may call itself a proud addition to this group.

Let us know what you think and don’t hesitate to ask whatever you want to know!

niitu webshop

niitu home

Tomoko Hirano JWS





Kamenrider Ghost is a real fashionable dude!

October is the month that the new Kamenrider (masked rider) makes his appearance on Japanese TV, lots of little boys, otaku’s and housewives are looking eagerly forward to this season’s new masked hero. The last few kamenriders walked a light almost comical line, sometimes approaching super sentai levels of childishness…remember Gaim with his “great ball watermelon, bing bang”? nuff said…

Gaim could transform into a giant watermelon!

No longer, the new Kamen rider Ghost has a darker feel, not as dark as Black, but more like Decade, the kamen rider with his intense inner struggle.

And while Ghost is still more aimed at the younger public than say Blade, in which people died by the dozens, it is still good fun to watch even for adults. But a new Kamen rider means a new wave of merchandise, this time it’s not only for the kiddies.

although the fashion line of Rider Drive was my personal favorite, like the leather jacket below , Ghost has some really cool stuff too, best of all the adult line never makes you look geeky, it’s really well designed and high quality apparel….only your fellow Rider lover will notice it as such…

kamenrider Drive leather jacket.

Yes this leather bike jacket hangs in my imaginary closet, meaning I ordered it.. pricey at 162,000 yen, but it’ll last forever!
I just love that white stripe on the back, now all I need is a Ferrari with a similar stripe…or no stripe…beggars can’t be….

Now let’s see what Ghost has to offer..

Ah a leather jacket with matching leather pants, well I’d leave the pants and just go for the jacket…if hadn’t ordered the Drive Jacket, which I actually prefer, but is double the price..

66,960 yen for the jacket and 60,480 yen for the leather pants. Makoto deep sea collection

I really dig this Rider Ghost Spector leather wallet though.

Rider Ghost Rider Spector image leather wallet
selling price : 27,000 yen (tax included) Points scored :270P

Or this leather belt….just lovely.

selling price : 15,120 yen (tax included) Points scored :151P

What about some fancy accessories? These rings are big, like BIG!

【受注生産】仮面ライダーゴースト深海マコトcollection シルバー925製リング

And what would Christmas be without….Kamenrider?

If you’re not planning on visiting Japan any soon than you have to let the cake go..no matter how delicious it looks… all other stuff can be ordered through us and we give you all the points earned at Premium Bandai.

Check it out


Become a swimsuit model…without dieting.

Officially called the Deluded Fantasy T-Shirt, the unusual piece of clothing was created by ekoD Works, which bills itself as focused on “humorous art and design.” According to the product description, the Deluded Fantasy T-Shirt was made using the company’s “proprietary deluded fantasy mapping techniques,” which allow it to determine exactly what sorts of uninhibited thoughts are running through people’s heads.

In other words, the shirt looks like it’s giving everyone a peek at an impressive pair of boobs. And not just any boobs, as the shirt is specifically mimicking the chest of gurabia model Mao Harada.

bs-2According to Village Vanguard, that’s Harada’s actual cleavage on the left in the above photo, and her modeling the T-shirt on the right. Since we weren’t there for the photo shoot, we can’t confirm this, but neither can we deny the store’s claim after carefully examining the images seen here for close to an hour.

We suppose there might be some women who would be interested in purchasing the 3,888-yen (US$31) shirt as a way to technically show off a little skin while keeping their own completely covered up, and Village Vanguard does offer it in a women’s medium size. The shirt also comes in “unisex” medium and large sizes, though, so both men and women who need these breasts hanging in their closet can ask us to place an order through the Village Vanguard online store (shipping is scheduled for early July).

Village Vanguard novelty shop

Harada Mao DVD