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A Japanese finishing touch for your living space.

You created your ideal living space, well that is as much as you could afford it of course. You chose some lovely furniture, got this beautiful hard wooden flooring, designer curtains, a LG EG9600  flat screen on the wall, a Bang and Olufsen stereo etc etc….but like many folks you forgot to put the dot on the i (it’s a Dutch expression), opening your kitchen drawers shows stacks of IKEA cutlery, your bowls and cups are a collection of presents and hand outs, your coasters and place-mats an embarrassing mix of souvenirs and flea market articles…..

If you recognize yourself, then it’s time to undertake some action….life is really about the details. Beauty is in the details and first impressions are created by the details caught by the eye. Sure you can throw lots of dough and get yourself an expensive WEDGWOOD & Bentley tableware set, but that tells more about your salary than your taste.

A lovely teak  kakoi coaster set▼


Let us introduce some fine handmade, original and characterful tableware and accessories from Japan, guaranteed to last a long time and with a simple but subtle design.

These products never tread the line between kitsch and art, they are simply art, they don’t have an “in your face” design, no each article breathes the philosophy of zen….unbalanced, relaxing, and peaceful, believe us when we say that you never get tired of these.

BUNACO(ブナコ)  ボウル

Bunaco wooden bowls are made by winding a thin sliced tape-like natural beech wood around a center, this unique technique creates that groove like pattern of a record. It is absolutely gorgeous.

Bunako created

Bunako created



taro-cobo(タロウ工房)の作家(竹之内太郎)の器(陶器)blue(ブルー)シリーズ、ポットtaro-cobo vessel of the writer (Taro Takenouchi) of (Taro workshop) (pottery) blue (Blue) Series

Crinkle mug by Makoto Komatsu▼

セラミックジャパン ニュークリンクルマグ

Potmat by kakoi▼



Sori Yanagi▼

Most of these products are not expensive and fairly light (shipping)

japanese tableware and accessories