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Cuter than cute, Hatsune Miku underwear!

Japan’s fashion retailer Super Groupies, famous for its anime and manga inspired fashion articles, has found inspiration in virtual  pop vocalist Hatsune Miku.

They will release two pieces; a lingerie set consisting of  a bra and knickers in the trademark  aquamarine (blueish green, or greenish blue…) adorned with a bright pink ribbon.

Hatsune Miku model lingerie set

The second piece is a camisole, which is something Miku would wear on a lazy day at home while eating a cake….

Hatsune Miku model camisole


The lingerie set retails for 8.800 yen and the camisole goes for 8,500 yen.

Pre-order started yesterday and will continue untill November 6 (October 17, 2016 – November 6, 2016 ) with delivery scheduled for mid March.

You don’t have to love Hatsune Miku to appreciate these sets, they are lovely and reasonably priced….if you’re a Miku fan though, than this a no-brainer!

source:Super Groupies

Tomoko Hirano JWS

Japanese underwear for ladies.

Well I started this topic in a blog before and seeing our stats going through the roof, my( I suppose,)female readers love to know more about Japanese underwear!

So we combed through the net and shops and found these articles and products.

First I have to explain the Japanese phenomena of the “bonsai” treatment”. Living in a country where space is limited, hobbies are pricey and uh breast are tinnier, the Japanese love to give foreign words describing big or expensive objects to things which often differ a lot in size or price from the real thing.

For example if a Japanese person tells you that he lives in a mansion, you’ll be expecting this:

While in reality he or she meant:

When you’re lucky to be invited to join your Japanese friend on his yacht, this will come to mind;

You’ll be a surprised and maybe a bit disappointed when you lay eyes on his “yacht”.

When a lady says that she has dd sized bust, you imagine this:

But the reality is…

Before you start writing that there’s nothing wrong with a smaller size, please note that I’m opinion-less about it, the problem starts when people start ordering from Japanese sites and end up with the wrong sizes…

Anyways back to my headline here are some unusual undergarments for ladies..

Underwear like you’ve never seen before – these “super cool bras” not only look cool, they keep you feeling cool too!

For those of you who like the bras, we’re sorry to disappoint you, but these bras are not for sale; they’re one-of-a-kind, promotional demonstration models produced by underwear manufacturer Triumph International Japan Ltd. Each year, Triumph International Japan announces fun and creative promotional bras that reflect trends in Japanese society. This year, they came up with the “Super Cool Bra” based on the concept of keeping cool without using electricity. Since the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant following last year’s Great East Japan Earthquake, the Japanese public has been conscious about conserving energy and keeping electricity use down.

The bras, modeled in these pictures by lovely Triumph campaign girls Ms. Ayana Kaneda and Ms. Misaki Tanabe, use a gel material that doesn’t freeze, so that they can be cooled in the freezer and still stay soft; they can then keep you feeling cool, at least for a while, while you’re wearing them. Quite an ingenious idea, wouldn’t you say? And since they’re in the shape of fishbowls, they visually look cool too.

And that’s not all that makes these bras unique. The bras come with a small fan or a small wooden ladle (hishaku) that can be attached to the side of the bra. They’re both traditional Japanese items used to stay cool in the summer, and the hishaku ladle is typically used to splash water on the streets around houses to cool the ground. There’s also an ornament in the shape of a traditional Japanese wind bell (fu-rin) containing mint leaves attached to the center of the bra, so the bra also sounds and smell cool as well.

They’ve even designed special bottoms for these bras. One type uses the same material as sudare, a traditional Japanese bamboo blinds used to create shade during warm weather. The other type uses mosquito net material, also traditionally used during the summer to keep pests away. These bottoms also come with a small pouch on the side which contains mint or salt flavored candy, to help you feel refreshed and also replenish minerals lost through sweat. Oh, and by the way, the bottoms are made so that they can actually be used as miniature bamboo screens or mosquito nets. So, as you can see, the entire ensemble focuses on the concept of staying comfortable in warm weather and involves all the senses.

Upon actually wearing the underwear, Ms. Tanabe commented, “The bra feels cool, offers very good support and is comfortable to wear,” and Ms. Kaneda said “It’s just fun and exciting to see the goldfish on the bra”. They said that they hope many people have the chance to see the bra, as it incorporates many traditional Japanese ideas for keeping cool in the summer.

So, what do you think? Regardless of your tastes, it’s hard to deny that these bras are highly artistic. We look forward to many more beautiful underwear creations from Triumph in the future!

Triumph International Japan Ltd. website

Japanese lingerie company designs special bra for Japan’s marshmallow girls


Since last year, chubbiness has become more accepted in Japan. Chubby girls (that’s chubby by Japanese standards) are now called ‘marshmallow girls‘ and they’ve become so popular that there’s now an entire idol group dedicated to them, and even a fashion magazine for girls of various sizes. I think we can all agree that Japan definitely still has some body image issues, but nevertheless, the marshmallow fad continues!

The latest addition to this marshmallow boom is a series of bras designed for marshmallow girls. They are called “Pochakawabra”, which is a portmanteau of pocha (chubby), kawaii (cute), and of course the object itself, bra. I’m not sure if I appreciate the name, but the designs sure are cute!

One thing marshmallow girls can usually boast that stick-thin tiny, almost 2-D girls do not have is a large bust. The “Pochakawabra” series cater towards these better-endowed women with bras that go in the cup size range of C~F, and panties sized 85~100cm (33.5~39.4 inches). Despite the larger size, the lingerie pieces retain cute and delicate designs.


They also come with a stretchy region near the underarms to “tuck in” those extra curves so you can enjoy a slightly slimmer…region under the underarms. It claims to be a cute and highly functional bra. The brassiere sure look adorable although I am not sure if I’d be down for wearing anything called “Chubby Cute Bra” anytime soon.


Images: PR TIMES

Me-ow! Cat-inspired lingerie for feline lovers


Starting on October 14, the online shop Felissimo’s Nekobu (cat club) began selling “flufeel” lingerie designed to let the wearer essentially cosplay under their clothes every day, with friends and coworkers none the wiser.

The “luxurious” set has a bra designed to look like a pair of cat ears, and panties which come with… a detachable tail!?

Maybe you love cats so much that you wish you were one? Perhaps you’re looking for a way to feel feline without making it known to the entire world? Or maybe you’re just considering a different kind of Halloween costume this year; one that your boyfriend will appreciate that bit more than usual witch, nurse or fairy.

Regardless of why, with the help of Felissimo’s new underwear set, you can be a true cat-woman for a mere 3,772 yen (US$35)!

Each of the sets comes complete with a tiny fabric tail which can be easily attached to or removed from the waistband of the panties. It’s a cute touch, and the fact that it’s removable is definitely an added bonus since having an object the size and shape of a sausage showing through your little black dress at the office Halloween party might turn a few more heads than you’d like.

But wait, there’s more! You can even choose from three colors breeds.

▼Are you a whimsical black (satin) cat? Ooo sexy!


▼Perhaps a pampered chiffon-furred Persian is more your taste?


▼Tomboys don’t fret, you can be a cute yet active American Shorthair in gray


Sadly, depending on your cat or lingerie preference, Felissimo might keep you waiting as they only offer one of the three sets at a time on a monthly rotating schedule. They do, however, offer much more than bras and panties, with everything from cat-themed socks to band-aids available on their Cat Club website, so even if your choice of color isn’t available yet, there’s bound to be something in there to put a big, Cheshire smile on your face.

Images: Felissimo

Japan’s “true love tester” bra won’t open unless he gets your heartbeat up

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 3.59.49 AM

It’s a chastity belt for breasts! The “true love tester” bra is the world’s first scientifically engineered undergarment for women that actually reads your body’s signals. Ravijour, the company behind this peculiar product, touts the garment as “a revolutionary bra that knows how women truly feel.” It seems the bra cannot be unhooked without “true love” and will literally pop off of the wearer upon finding that special someone.

Here’s how the technology works: The bra has built-in sensors that measures the wearer’s heart-rate. The data collected by the sensors is sent to a special app on your phone.

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 4.59.53 AM

The app then analyzes the heart-rate of the wearer.

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 5.01.04 AM

If the wearer’s heart-rate reaches a predetermined limit, the bra unhooks by itself.

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 5.00.40 AM

Want to know more? Here are some sciencey words about the bra:

“When excited the adrenal medulla secretes catecholamine, which affects the autonomic nerve and stimulates the heart-rate. A built-in sensor reads the woman’s heart-rate signal and sends it to a special app via Bluetooth for analysis. The app then calculates the True Love Rate based on changes in the heart-rate over time.”

So calm down everyone, this is science. Science that makes this happen:

Ravijour, a company who’s slogan is “We do anything for women,” advertises their exploding bra as “an instrument to test for true love” and is part of their “Mood Up” campaign to celebrate the company’s 10 year anniversary. We just hope that the science behind this technology works as it’s intended, otherwise women who choose to wear this mechanical bra might unexpectedly feel “unsupported” by their choice in underwear.


Source: NetLab, Ravijour

Japanese brassiere brand comes out with a new line of vending machine lingerie!


Many of us have heard legends about Japanese vending machines. It’s said that you can get practically anything, not just pop and candy bars, from some of these mechanical beauties. Sadly, much as I hate to be the bearer of bad news, most vending machines in Japan only serve your typical fare of soda, water bottles, tea, and corn soup. I was personally quite disheartened on my first trip overseas when I was unable to find a single novelty vending machine during my entire visit. However, this upcoming fall season, a popular bra company in Japan is inviting women to buy their brand new bra directly from a vending machine. 

A women’s underwear brand in Japan, une nana cool, is gearing up for this year’s autumn sales with their new “Fun Fun Week” line of undergarments. Subsidiary of parent company Wacoal, une nana cool gained popularity in women’s panty circles for the high-quality fit of their underthings. Since their establishment, the brand has been constantly adding improvements to their wireless bra design to try to accommodate as many female body types as possible. They’ve sold over 35,000 brassieres from their Fun Fun Week series of unmentionables. This year, they’re planning a new wireless design for girls in need of a little support but who don’t have a lot of time to spend looking for it.


If you happen to be around the Tokyo area from August 9 to 31, take a look in Shibuya’s PARCO department store for these handy bra dispensers! Or, if you can’t make the trip in person, check out their online store for more of their comfortable under-layers. This year their goal is to sell 45,000 bras to the masses.

Sadly, the special underwear vending machines are only available inside une nana cool stores and not out on public streets around Japan. But perhaps this concept will give Japan the boost it needs to live up to its impressive vending machine reputation.

So there you have it, probably the longest blog ever about bras.

I hope you had a good read and remember, we can get you anything from Japan, the cheapest way possible, we compare prices and reviews so you know you’ll get the best deal!