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Gouk, truly original, affordable Japanese fashion.

We like to introduce some “minor” Japanese fashion brands, minor as in world wide, but here in Japan these brands can count on a huge following. All these brands are designed and produced in japan. Japan fashion isn’t just Yohji Yamamoto, Rei, Kenzo and Miyake…check out what these lesser well known brands have to offer…often for a fraction of the price of the big designer goods.

8,500 yen..yes that’s not even $80,-

We kick off with Gouk,by designer Takeshi Kunimoto a young brand with a big fan base. Their design is truly Japanese, you can often find small design hints from Japanese traditional wear like kimono and yukata, but it’s so easy to combine with other more orthodox fashion garments like a business suit, a pair of faded jeans etc etc.

Yes you can find a limited amount of Gouk products in the USA, but folks from other countries and from the USA will have so much more fun and choice checking the Japanese sites.
Check for more https://search-voi.0101.co.jp/voi/freeword/?store=&q=gouk








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Welcome to the blog page of japanwebshopping , we like to introduce you to truly Japanese products, lifestyle and people. We hope you can learn some new interesting things or give you some new insights about life in Japan. Japanwebshopping is a small but dedicated company, we help, guide, advise, bid and buy products for you on Japanese websites or go to shops for you. There are several services online who also provide this service, but we differ on the following points:

1-we give you the points you earn on most Japanese websites to use with your next purchase, which means that if you earn enough points you sometimes end up paying only the shipping!

2-we treat each purchase like it is our own purchase, we carefully look for the cheapest and best option available and present you with these options….we never pressure you to buy something no matter how hard we have to look.

3-think of us like friends in the far east, we’ll think of you as friends, we treat our friends with utmost respect.

4-we try to help to avoid import tax as much as possible…hint; when a product arrives at our storage it becomes our property, by the time you receive it, it is lawfully “used”

This blog’s main purpose however is not to advertise our company but to advertise Japan and all its beauty.