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Do you fancy a pair of octopus tights?

It’s a cold winter no doubt about that, the temperatures have fallen far below the “yeah I love a fresh breeze” limit and we are all suffering because of it…except my Canadian friends, for them a Japanese winter is like a Canadian spring and  of course the polar bears.

a  Japanese   polarbear in a  Japanese zoo.

Even Okinawa, the most southern island of Japan with its tropical climate experienced its first snow…ever! News reports of Okinawans looking at the snowflakes with expressions of pure astonishment are flooding the news channels now as I write.


So how do you protect yourself against the cold and still look fashionable..the answer is; don a pair of octopus tights! Yep or if you’re not into octopus, a mackerel  pair of tights.





But let’s get back to the octopus tights, they were created by Onoda Maiko through stereolithography (I admit I had to look that word up) and the octopus legs wrap themselves around the wearers legs from up to down, creating the illusion that the wearer is an …..octopus! They are sexy according to its creator, but we tend to disagree, sexy sure if you’re into being/dating a human octopus….interesting, daring, funny, cute, and yeah cool are more suiting words to describe this product.

Yoh Bae, you got a bunch of Octopus legs coming out of your pants!

They come in three colours black with red legs, white with black and black with pink legs..costing a 3,800 yen.

The mackerel(saba in Japanese) tights only come in white with blue, with the blue part representing the back and the white part the belly of the fish. Mackerel are cold water fish(just made that word  up), meaning they thrive in cold seas and should therefore protect you better against the cold than a clown fish pattern…but this is of course pure psychological…or is it?


I have to conclude that they could have used a better way to show off these tights..I have something more like this in mind..

no no don’t judge me being sexist, but I reckon everybody has a different taste and way of coordinating, so a pure view would have been better IMHO..

petit sac stockings

If you’re not into this whole fishy tights thing, then what do you think of these Japonesque knee-highs from our favorite shop Village Vanguard? Based on the fox/kitsune creatures you can find at Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto. These kitsunes are messengers to the inari ( a popular deity ) . Offerings of rice, sake, and other food are given at the shrine to appease and please these kitsune messengers, who are then expected to plead with Inari on the worshipper’s behalf.

They are available in white/red and black/red, with on one leg a fox and on the other a red Torii or shrine gate,


The back is adorned with two foxs and you get real fox pawns on the soles!





They are not expensive either at 3,240 yen


Shipping on these products will be dirt cheap and with the yen at an all time low…so what are you waiting for?

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