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Kabuki performer Ainosuke Kataoka and Nikko create a breathtaking kumadori mask.

Famous Kabuki performer Ainosuke Kataoka has teamed up with Ishikawa Prefecture’s veteran ceramic manufacturer Nikko and 3D scanning experts  K’s design lab to create a handmade 3D scan in bone china of his face wearing Kabuki’s traditional face painting called Kumadori.

The make-up describes what kind of character the performer portrays, red and white are the colors of heroes and warriors, Blue makeup can represent a ghost, spirit, or other magical creature and Greys and browns can be used sometimes, particularly when representing animals, oni (demons), yōkai (monsters..yokai watch!), or anything else inhuman.

The pattern chosen by Ainosuke Kataoka is that of  Suji-kuma of the Aragato Kabuki samurai. The mask will come autographed and in a beautiful box. This is a piece of art made for true lovers of Kabuki and mask collectors.


This mask will be limited to 10 pieces only though and reservations will start at 10 Am on June the first….making it even harder to get than a kabuki ticket!

It doesn’t come cheap either at a price of ¥ 1,080,000, but that’s the price one has to pay for exclusivity and beauty…..



If you can get your hands on one of these, you’ll probably have the only copy outside Japan and that makes it even more desirable as a collector’s item.

We will try to reserve a copy for you, but in this case, we can’t make you any promises. You can’t be short strapped for money though, as shipping will be costlier than usual, you don’t want us to toss this in a big envelope, tie it to a pigeon, say a little prayer and release it…

Serge Roso JWS





Protect yourself and others with these ultra cute masks.

In Asia it’s common to wear masks during winter and spring time, especially in Japan the land where everybody seems to care about their fellow country men/women. There is a truly Japanese word for this called “meiwaku suru” or in plain English; to trouble someone.  It is “meiwaku” to give someone your cold and therefore is it in good manner to wear a mask when one has caught this simple yet incurable virus. Another less spoken of reason is that women can forfeit putting on make-up and walk around with a “supin” or make-up less face, thus sparing others some heart stopping moments when they are confronted by a eyebrow-less, thin lipped, narrow eyed and pimply skinned woman person.

A case of before and after..

Of course not everybody is so shallow and surely some men prefer the natural look to the “I’m  pretty  and cute ” one……but the Japanese are very vain and care strongly what others think of them. Another reason would be bad breath..I think

There is of course a less selfless reason to wearing masks too, they are said to protect the wearer against virus (yep the plural of virus is virus), hay fever, other people’s bad breath and the feared “yellow sand”, which is fine sand blown over from China creating some health problems.

Yellow sand from China makes everything yellow, the sky or your just washed car…

There are two problems with wearing a mask though, since most of them are white surgical masks and are therefore not so nice to look at. The other reason why yours truly never wears a mask is due the fact that you have to inhale your own breath, and after a night of heavy drinking and some garlic fried rice you can imagine how pleasantly my nose reacts to this…

No longer shall thy suffer from bad fashion or bad breath! 

The company “Gonoturn”  has what must be the best looking masks available, they create their own original designed masks and collaborate to create animation, manga, fashion brands and even  pro wrestling !

"A MAN of ULTRA" collaboration Ultra cloth mask [GNT0175]
Gonoturn and ultraman mask 1,404 yen comes in white or black
I love Evangelion, but this mask doesn’t really do it for me though….

Evangelion Unit 2 mask [GNT0038]
EVANGELION collaboration 2,160 yen
These Doraemon masks however are perfect for a mere  2,160 yen

Doraemon Gonotanmasuku Smile [GNT0044]Doraemon Gonotanmasuku cute [GNT0045]

Or what about this neck warmer/mask?

Doraemon Neck cute [GNT0099]
4,104 yen
Kids and gonoturn.

Unari kun (Narita airport mascot) mask

Beat kun collaboration mask [GNT0100]Beat kun collaboration mask [GNT0100]Beat kun collaboration mask [GNT0100]

Hello Kitty,  my melody and Kerokerokeroppi(!?)

Hello Kittyコラボマスク[GNT0025]My Melody collaboration mask [GNT0130]Kerokerokeroppi collaboration mask [GNT0155]

Animal masks because what’s cuter than a human toy poodle?

Nishikawa Mizuki produce toy poodle mask [GNT0154]Animal mask dog [GNT0122]Animal mask Poti [GNT0121]

Downright weird and surely to be mistaken for the bottom of a chicken with legs is this Magical Girl Madoka mask, the “legs” are actually ears of a mystery creature…well if you know your MGM animation than you know what this mask symbolizes…but be prepared to answer a lot of questions from ignorant bystanders.

Magical Girl Madoka Magikakorabo Kyu~u downy example mask [GNT0042]

Gonoturn has besides masks a few other things you need to survive the winter, like these hats/mittens.

Hatsune Miku mittens with hat [GNT0023]
Hatsune Miku mittens with hat 6,264 yen3,132円(50%OFF
A reversed bear hat.

Flight cap [GNT0004]Flight cap [GNT0004]Flight cap [GNT0004]

And for the vain, animal hand mirrors.

Animal hand mirror [GNT0005]Animal hand mirror [GNT0005]

Gonoturn tells international customers to use Tenso forwarding services, but we have no worries competing with them due to the following reasons:

1-we can match or even go below their shipping prices.

2-we mark our packages as “present” or “used” (which they technically are) to avoid or lower tax.

3-If a shop refunds broken or wrongly described product, we will deal with them, when you use Tenso or another forwarding company you’ll lose all control. If you are not happy, we are not happy and we will file a complaint.

4-No signing up and no newsletter.

5-We answer any questions you have concerning the product.

6-No problems paying, you pay us, no need to fill out anything written in Japanese.

7-We will  look for cheaper options for the same product and reviews.

So what are you waiting for, winter is approaching fast, Christmas is approaching fast, your own/girlfriend/friend/sister/brother/boyfriend/wife/husband/mother/father’s birthday is approaching fast, colo(u)r those dark winter days a little brighter with these products and create a smile on people’s faces..you’re be smiling too, but your smile is hidden under a warm mask…


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