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10th International Manga Award Winners Announced

Contest for foreign artists held annually in Japan.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan announced the winners of its 10th Annual Japan International Manga Awards on Tuesday. The awards recognize foreign manga creators, and anyone outside of Japan can submit their work for consideration. There were a total of 14 winners: one Gold, three Silver, and 10 Bronze.

▼ Joël Parnotte and Xavier Dorison of France won the Gold Award for their work “The Master of Arms”


The three Silver Award winners are as follows:

▼ Han Zuzheng of China for his work “scavengers”


▼ Laura Iorio, Roberto Ricci, and Marco Cosimo D’amico of Italy for their work “The Heart of Darkness”


▼ Can Tieu Hy of Vietnam for her work “Gateway to Underworld”


The Bronze Award winners are as follows:

  • Mangkorn Soraphon and Wipaporn “Usagi” Rutchote of Thailand with “King of Vampires”
  • Wiroj “Beast” Ruengsiri of Thailand with “Evil Discus”
  • Akiko Shimojima of Japan and Seàn Michael Wilson of the United Kingdom with “Secrets of the Ninja”
  • Zhao Ze and Guo Qiang of China with “TsangyangGyatso”
  • Ann Maulina of Indonesia with “Raruurien”
  • Toledando and Robledo of Spain with “Tebori”
  • Zuo Hsuan of Taiwan with “Summer Temple Festival I”
  • Young-Oh Kim of Korea with “Tussles Against Spectres”
  • Patrycja Kicyla of Poland with “Dream About Japan”
  • Dimaz Sadewa of Indonesia with “Woelan”

The contest received 296 entries from 55 countries. The regions with the most entries were Taiwan with 41, Thailand with 33, and China with 27.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan established the International Manga Awards in May 2007 and it has been held annually since then. The jury included manga artists Machiko SatonakaYoshimi Kurata, and Kimie Shiga and publishers Tsutomu Fujita and Kouichi Yuri.

This year entries were accepted from April 1 through June 30. Gold and Silver Award winners will be invited to attend an awards ceremony in Japan, where they will also be able to meet Japanese manga artists and visit publishing companies. The ceremony will take place on February 6, 2017.

We at JWS congratulate you all!


source: anime news network

Super convenient: A bendable power strip.

Power strips are life savers for those with lots of electrical appliances but few power outlets. I have for example a desktop, four hard disks, a printer, a wireless modem, a monitor, and a refrigerator( keep those cold ones close) all connected to one power outlet! Without the help of three power strips I would have never been able to create such a mind blowing electricity bill every month!

The problem though is that quiet a few appliances connect with an adapter which take an awful lot of space on those power strips. I would have only needed one power strip if it weren’t for those obese  space grabbing adapters.

Another problem is that there isn’t any space in my cramped office to hide those power strips from sight, and you have to admit that these electrical necessities don’t improve overall looks.

「power strip」の画像検索結果
Hide it if you can!

Well Sanwa hasn’t come up with a totally new idea, after all the Quirky Pivot Power was there earlier, but as opposed to the quirky, this one is light weight, reliable and contains an USB port.


Coming in four colo(u)rs

The length of the cord is 2 meters and the USB port is a 5V-1A(up to 1500 w), strong enough to charge your phone or mp3 players.

On the floor

I think with the right amount of imagination, you can make the shape of a robot with 6 of them together…I don’t know WHY you would that, but it would look awesome against the wall!