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20th anniversary Sailor Moon watch makes all of our dreams come true

Sailor Moon fans, are you looking for the perfect item to commemorate the series’ 20th anniversary? This beautiful watch might be just that—but you’d better hurry because stocks are limited!

For most of us, having grown up with Sailor Moon, knowing that the series has reached its 20th anniversary is making us feel old. Still, that hasn’t stopped us from drooling over the screen as we long for this gorgeous commemorative watch.


In collaboration with the brand WIRED f, 5,000 of these watches will be available for order, and even includes a message from Usagi’s Japanese voice actress, Kotono Mitsuishi!

▼”To those of you who, as a little girl, wanted to grow up to be a Sailor Scout: Close your eyes and remember. That warmth pulsing through you is from your very own silver crystal, born within your heart! Now, let’s transform together with the crystal star watch! Moon crystal power, make up!!”


The watch face is designed to look like the crystal star compact, with the addition of stylish pink Roman numerals and a crescent moon on the end of the second hand. The back is engraved with the 20th anniversary logo and includes the edition number as well.


The band comes in your choice of pink gold metal or a white weather-proof leather, and arrives to you in its own original box.


Preorders have just started today(!), and will be delivered towards the end of February. We can reserve yours here (sorry, Japanese only!) for 39,800 yen (US$325) plus tax. But remember, there are only 5,000 available, so don’t delay if you want one!

Source: Nijimen

Sailor moon pens and cup and saucer set now up for pre-order…earn points

When it comes to celebrating their 20th anniversary, Sailor Moon girls don’t go out on the town, swigging from a cheap bottle of Brut, yelling “It’s my birf-daaaaay” to passers-by on the street.

This is a group of soldiers who choose to stay home instead, holding tea parties with their nearest and dearest, using only the finest Japanese tableware on the market, Noritake.

Now you can sip tea like a sailor warrior too, with this gorgeous new teacup and saucer set, which blends fine porcelain details with cute motifs from the hit series.

The set, available from Premium Bandai for 7,776 yen (US$64.82), is based around the theme of “kizuna”, or bonds, and highlights the special bond shared by the inner senshi; Sailors Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus.


This is only the second time Noritake has teamed up with the Sailor Moon franchise to offer a special product. Earlier this year, they offered a special set in honour of the love between Sailor Moon and her sweetheart, Tuxedo Mask.


For their second collaboration, the pink and blue rose, symbolising a union that goes all the way back to their previous lives as Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion, is moved from the outside of the teacup to the inside, and is surrounded by gerberas in the colours of four of the main senshi, as a nod to the girls who prop them up.

The saucer also features some beautiful details. In the centre, we have Sailor Moon’s palace, the Moon Castle, which is surrounded by five gerberas, motifs and ribbons of the inner senshi.

The teacup and saucer sets, on sale from 17 September, will be available for delivery in December. Get in now before they’re all sold out!


Sailors Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto join Sailor Moon in getting cool new anime pens

SM 0

It’s easy to forget, but Sailor Moon and her fellow Sailor Senshi actually spend most of their day as students. When there aren’t any monsters around, the anime’s cast should ostensibly have notes to take, worksheets to fill out, and reports to write, and when it’s time to stop fighting and start studying, maybe they reach for one of these pens modeled after the magical equipment of Sailors Moon, Chibimoon, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

If you’re a devoted fan of more than one Sailor Senshi, you’ll be happy to know that these new pens from anime retailer Bandai are sold in bundle packs of three. Headlining the new lineup of writing instruments is the Moon Prism Ball Pen Set (“ball pen” being the term in Japan for a ballpoint pen), inspired by Sailor Moon and her precocious daughter Chibiusa.

SM 1

From left to right, the pens take their designs from the Moon Stick, Sailor Moon’s original handheld object of power, Chibiusa/Sailor Chibimoon’s Pink Moon Stick, and the Spiral Heart Moon Rod which the series’ titular heroine upgraded to during its Sailor Moon S arc.

SM 4

▼ Writing the letter “M” has never looked so anime-elegant!

SM 5

The three black-ink 0.7-milimeter tip pens come in a clear-front package, so that you can proudly display your arsenal on the shelf next to your Blu-ray boxed sets of the series. Alternatively, you can flip the pens’ box around and appreciate the artwork that takes up the entire backside.

SM 15

And if you prefer Senshi of the Outer variety, there’s also the Planet Power Ball Pen Set.

SM 7

This time around, the Transformation Lip Rods of Sailors Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto have been themselves transformed into pens.

SM 10

SM 11

SM 16

Both sets are identically priced at 3,456 yen (US$28), and can be ordered through the Premium Bandai online store (Moon Power set here, Planet Power here). Shipping is scheduled for January.

Let us pre-order them and receive your bandai store points!

Sailor Moon and her pals are ready for tea time with these cool cup-hugging figures

While each member of the core cast of Sailor Moon has her own personality, the one descriptor that works across the board for the Sailor Senshi is “helpful.” Even protagonist Usagi, for all of her lack of willpower regarding the temptations of junk food and video games, is always ready to lend a hand to those in need when the chips are down.

Case in point: Not only will the hit anime’s magical girls protect your town from interdimensional monsters on a weekly basis, they’ll even keep you company during your coffee break, in the form of these cheerful Sailor Moon figures that’ll cling to the edge of your cup as you sip your beverage.

This year’s Summer Wonder Festival just wrapped up last weekend, and among the items exhibited at the model and figure expo were these three Sailor Moon cup companions. While many of the creations shown at Wonder Festival are one-offs or for display purposes only, now you can order these super-deformed Sailor Senshi through Bandai’s Premium Bandai website.


Part of the Ocha Tomo Series, the set features the first three members of the series’ solar system’s worth of heroines, Sailors Moon, Mercury, and Mars.



▼ Sadly, the Sailor Mars figure isn’t capable of actually producing flames to keep your hot beverages warm.


Aside from their endearing winks, the figures’ high-quality pearl paint goes a long way in justifying their more-expensive-than-gachapon price tag. The set of three is listed at 1,620 yen (US$13), and can be ordered here through the Premium Bandai website. The bundle pack will also be offered at toy retailer Kiddy Land’s branches in Tokyo’s Harajuku and Osaka’s Umeda for those who prefer the instant gratification of buying anime merchandise and/or complaining about how the set doesn’t include Sailor Jupiter face-to-face.

Source images: Premium Bandai

Keep your life in order with this Sailor Moon day planner and its flip-book art

Sailor Moon is a busy girl. Along with having to juggle her responsibilities as both a regular junior high school student and the guardian of humanity, she’s got a packed social calendar of hanging out with her friends and going on dates with her boyfriend/helping him recover his senses from one of his worryingly frequent brainwashings.

If you’ve got a similarly large number of appointments to keep track of, maybe you could use a little help from this Sailor Moon day planner featuring dozens of stylish touches and flip-book art inspired by the franchise.

The 2016 Sailor Moon schedule book has a whopping 192 pages, all encased in a zip-close synthetic leather cover accented with the Crisis Moon Compact and mentor cats Luna and Artemis.

SS 1

SS 2

SS 3

Inside, you’ll find an address list, rail and subway map of Tokyo, BMI table, and pointers on letter-writing and business etiquette. The pages that will see the most use, though, are the monthly and weekly calendars, plus the blank memo sheets.

SS 4

In the bottom right corner of each month’s page, you’ll find a Sailor Moon costume.

SS 5

But since one of the strengths of the series is its ensemble cast, each month features the outfit of a different magical girl or formally dressed masked man.

SS 6

There’s more fun waiting on the weekly schedule pages, which have monthly tabs in the image colors of the various Sailor Senshi and flip-book art of Luna and Artemis sharing a smooch or watching a shooting star soar by.

SS 7

Finally, the book also comes with 34 memo pages, once again with Sailor Moon artwork adorning the corners.

SS 8

The 3,942-yen (US$32) Sailor Moon schedule book can be ordered here through the Premium Bandai online store. Delivery is scheduled for December, just in time to use in the new year.

Let us order it for you, and receive all the bandai points you get with this purchase for use on your next purchase!

Remember; if a pre-ordered product doesn’t get delivered (it sometimes happens) we will reimburse you the complete amount..

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