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Japanese limited にゅ(New) Balance Sneakers

Have you ever cracked a smile when you saw a pair of sneakers, no I don’t mean the “WTF are those monstrous excuse for a pair of kicks?”, no I mean the smile you get when you see a little puppy doing something cute, like chewing on your Air Jordans. Well these new (as opposed to old New Balance)New Balance sneakers  released in Japan do just that. The whole joke though is that these aren’t real New Balance sneakers as produced by NB, but a Japanese tribute to them and  created by Sangacio a small Japanese company which used to customize original NB sneakers for a limited group of customers..

Originally the only customizing they did was swapping the “new” for にゅthe Japanese hiragana characters which reads a “nyu” or new, enough to make you smile but not to make you pay double the price.


fact:Famous entertainer Tokoro George put this brand on the map

Sangacio got serious did this time, and made a tribute to their customized NB sneakers, the difference is that these new shoes are of their own design(but are inspired by NB sneakers) and don’t carry the NB logo on the heel. What you get though is a full leather handmade pair of kicks made according to the high standards the Japanese craftsmen are renowned for and yes these ARE worth paying a bit more for!

These shoes are limited and order made so gone is gone, and you have to wait for the next line to come out if you want a pair.



Sangacio learned their skills in Florence Italy.

Well without further ado..here is there line up:

にゅ~ず Olive green【数量限定】
26,980 yen $229,33

にゅ~ず MID GRAY【数量限定】

にゅ~ず Sky Blue【数量限定】
26,980 yen $229,33

にゅ~ず MID Elephant【数量限定】



にゅ~ず NAVY【数量限定】

にゅ~ず  Elephant【数量限定】

にゅ~ず パープル【数量限定】

にゅ~ず RED【数量限定】

older model (the sneakers, the model himself is still very young in tortoise years
More older models, surrounding a lass with a shoe fetish

Their website displays some English, and maybe it’s possible to have them ship to your country, try it, if it doesn’t work out we are there to help you!


amazon jp sangacio

Or we can check the auctions for you to help you find discontinued models:

black にゅbalance

Older models