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Self proclaimed “city of blades” releases bizarre PR video.

Gifu Prefecture’s Seki City has recently released its quirky PR video. This ad focuses on the city’s contribution to daily life with an important product that the city is famous for rather than emphasizing any local accent. Judging by the bizarre scene in the photo above, can you guess what Seki City is famous for producing? Here’s a hint: This video is shear madness!

Give the video a watch yourself.

Seki was famous for its swordsmiths during Japan’s feudal era, and while we’re not entirely clear if it’s still the largest producer of bladed objects in Japan by volume or what, but apparently it’s associated enough with all manner of sharp, pointy things that it warrants this title.

We checked out their website, and yeah they got some awesome blades and best of all they are not out of this world expensive either.

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