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Honey, there’s a deathstar floating in my whiskey!

Have you seen it? We have and it was awesome, much better than we expected…but after we came home the reality of real life settled in quickly..yeah I played with my light saber mimicking to be a jedi, but without any storms troopers to slice and dice the fun wore off pretty fast.

That was when my better half suprised me with a “high ball”, ready to drink my reality away I took a sip and just then I looked in the glass to see a very familiar shape bouncing in my yellow gold bourbon…it was the Death Star! I looked at the missus and she gave me wink…”I know you needed something special to cheer you up after the movie” was all she said.

1,080 yen


That was all what had to be said, these silicon ice tray are a must have for every Star Wars fan, they are detailed and they have hole in the top in which you can put a stick and create your own Star Wars ice Popsicle!

It also comes as BB-8, but is still up for pre-order

1,296 yen release date March 2016

They also have silicon ice trays which are not completely 3d

The Milinum Falcon


シリコンアイストレー ミレニアム・ファルコン《在庫品》
1,080 yen 110mm×150mm×33mm

シリコンアイストレー ミレニアム・ファルコン《在庫品》

 A gigantic R2-D2

シリコンアイストレー R2-D2 DX《在庫品》
1,620 yen 228mm(H)×180mm(W)×57mm(D)

Small R2-D2

シリコンアイストレー R2-D2《在庫品》
1,080 yen 10mm×150mm×23mm


The deathstar costs 1,080 yen ($8) and BB-8 costs 1,200 yen, cheap as chips and shipping won’t cost you a fortune either

A really big frozen Han solo, I mean big as in big!

シリコンアイストレー ハン・ソロ in カーボナイト DX《在庫品》
1,680 yen 272mm(H)×約152mm(W)×約65mm(D)

You don’t need to use these as ice trays though if you use your imagination you can create something like this;

Silicon Ice Tray Han Solo in carbonite DX "stock"

They have plenty more at Kotobukiya craftmanship. And yes they have a (be it limited) English website, but you can’t order through them….but you can through us and we even throw in the points you earn for you to keep!

Check out their Star Wars page, it has some really cool stuff.

For the ice trays you have to visit their online shop