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OHTHEGUILT japanese urban fashion

Have you wondered what the young ladies and lads are wearing in Japan? Well the answer to that is…. clothes. We surely wished sometimes that Japan was one big nude society, well with some ground rules, like not below 18 years old and not over 60…but hey, reality can be as pleasant or unpleasant to the eye as our silly daydreams.

Most youngsters here dress up to the nines, be it casual , Lolita, haute couture, or any other colorful style you can bump into on the Japan streets.

All dressed up with comme de garcons


Especially the group aged between 20 and 25, really put their effort in it. The reason that this age group is so specific is due to the fact that japanese junior and senior highs all wear uniforms, then when they become university students they go bonkers, lots of drinking, lots of nanpa (hunting for mates eh..to mate with), lots of self exploration and little studying is done.

Yeah keep dreaming
Yeah keep dreaming
And this is how the school uniforms really look like.
And this is how the school uniforms really look like.

When they graduate they have to wear a corporate uniform once they enter a company, whether it’s a suit or a real uniform. So they all put their best effort in it to create a “look”, and they want the best.

Inspired by the fashion and the music of the Beastie Boys…

OH! THE GUILT  started in 1993 with two friends, who both lived in the States and both shared a love for skateboarding, punk and rap…..basically the beastie boys. They traveled to the US and bought sneakers and clothes with the purpose of selling them on flea markets….yes you could make a fortune selling stuff to the bargain hunting Japanese after the economic bubble collapsed.

A Japanese flea market..
A Japanese flea market..

In 1996, they opened their first store called TFL or time for living from the Beastie Boys song, selling authentic US made products to a growing group of young Japanese embracing the “urban street” style and also its lifestyle….skateboarders, rap music lovers,dj’s, musicians, etc found the style they subconsciously longed for. Strong, high quality, loose fit and fairly priced.

They organized a tribute concert for Adam Yauch..they never forget their roots.

Soon they opened another shop and another, business was  great, but as business grew, so did their clientele, the urban street style was no longer a copy of the US style they came to love…it had evolved into a true homegrown style, brands like Bathing Ape showed how far. They felt they needed to make a new step. Just selling other companies’ products started to become less satisfying because their own desire to create their own unique brand was increasing day by day.

In 2005, they announced the arrival of their own brand; OH!THE GUILT named after a Nirvana song. This brand is a perfect blend of US/UK/French urban style mixed with the street flair of Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, designed by Japanese and produced by Japanese.


xlarge dot shirt
xlarge dot shirt


OH!THE GUILT fashion is timeless, and while other big brands like BAPE and Evisu drowned in their own popularity, OH!THE GUILT never needed a gimmick like a big sign to show off that a person was wearing a certain brand, they are confident in their quality and design and most of all in their customers, OH!THE GUILT doesn’t need it wearers to show off the clothes, it needs the clothes to show off the wearer.

In 2014 they received the rights to open a  XLARGE in Nagoya city, making them the only shop in the Tokai area selling this brand..and this made the circle round for the two owners.

OH!THE GUILT doesn’t sell outside Japan, making japanwebshopping.com the sole sales point for this brand for overseas customers, we buy and ship it to you for a mere 10% commission of the whole shipment excluding shipping cost. We can keep you informed when new products arrive and where there’s a sale.