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(cheesy title)Ultraman inspired fashion makes you look ultra cool.

The cheesy title aside, we love Ultraman, this gigantic forefather of all “kaiju” destroying super heroes. First aired in 1966 and finished with a total of 40 episodes in 1967…so just to be clear, we are talking about Ultraman, and not his kin who carried the Ultraman name far into the 21st century.

Ultraman Nexus

An ongoing Japanese joke, is that if a girl calls her boyfriend a real Ultraman, it’s not a reference to his might, no Ultraman’s powers and, indeed, his very life force, came from rapidly depleted solar energy, which was heavily reduced by Earth’s filtering atmosphere. When Ultraman first appears, his “color timer,” or “warning light,” is always a rich cyan color. As time goes on, the color timer turns solid red, and then starts to blink, giving off a warning chime as it does so. When Ultraman runs out of energy, the color timer goes out, and turns black. Ultraman’s color timer is linked directly to his heart, and damaging it will cause mortal injury or serious pain to Ultraman...so you see the girlfriend’s venomous words are directed  to his limited stamina in the sack.

The Japanese love Ultraman, and its love for this delicate super hero is passed on from generation to generation, every child has at least one or two Ultraman figures in his toy box. As we get older we often change, we lose imagination, we lose our dreams, our hair, our tight bodies and in case when you’re a parent: your mind…but one thing we all long for, whether  being a child or an adult is being a hero, that never really disappears.

Ultra Hero 500 27 Ultraman dark (SD)
Ultra Hero 500 27 Ultraman Dark 540 yen

Well a new brand call A MAN OF ULTRA is trying to awaken the hero that hibernates in your adult subconsciousness, it tries to create a cool day-to-day world “Ultraman”, through creating products that remind us what Ultraman stood for (saving the world of those pesky monsters) and inject you with the same courage so that you can accomplish new feats, like standing up for yourself when your boss takes his bad mood out on you, or saving a little kitten from a tree….

Mmm great sales pitch, but since I’m Dutch, and we are born  super heroes, I mean you show us a hole in a dike and we stick our finger in it, I don’t really have the need for more heroic powers  , I’d be too much of a hero and like my mother always told me “too much is never good”. BUT darn I love what they did with it, the products they created are definitely a great addition to your wardrobe or interior.

Being a hero means being on time, and time was of the essence for Ultraman..you know he could die and that’s a big no-no for a super hero.

Ultraman model 29,700 yen
Zetton model 29,700 yen

I collaboration with black ice they created these awesome glasses, cause a super hero who’s blind as a mole is just asking for problems. (50,760 yen 8 models)

They sport lots of t-shirts created by Beams for MAN OF ULTRA for example this Alien Baltan shirt (6,696 yen)

or Zetton


guild prime shirts


 .Jeans cause how would a super hero look running around in his undies?
Don’t forget your bag, cause where would you put your handkerchief when you dry the tears of the dame you just saved?
28,080 yen

A hero needs to eat, so you need to eat from these handmade pottery bowls…me likey!

土直漆器×A MAN of ULTRAライス碗(エレキング)土直漆器×A MAN of ULTRAスープ碗(ダダ)土直漆器×A MAN of ULTRAスープ碗(エレキング)

And finally (they have many more products, but I’m getting really hungry now), as a hero it’s of high importance that  you………..smell nice..and for that MAN OF ULTRA collaborated with RISINGWAVE to create three irresistible fragrances. (mach tube ride, spacium cut back and ultra attack air)

RISINGWAVE×A MAN of ULTRA (マッハチューブライド) ETS 45mLRISINGWAVE×A MAN of ULTRA (スペシウムカットバック) 45mLRISINGWAVE×A MAN of ULTRA (ウルトラアタックエアー)  ETS 45mL

All A MAN OF ULTRA products are of guaranteed high quality and produced by well known Japanese manufactures, so they are not cheap..but even if you’re not into ultraman or any kind of super hero as a matter of speaking, these products are beautifully made and won’t make you look like a maniac , but that same maniac will recognize your stuff with one glance and be your friend for life.
Now you have the chance to look ultra dandy with these lovely ties and sweat jacket.