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Three unique Japanese products you just need!

Chinese Dress School Swimming Costumes

Fetish designer and owner of Moira Design combines the traditional Japanese school swimsuit with a traditional Chinese dress.                                                                                 The “China Sukumizu“,  comes in a choice of two colours: red or blue, and both designs feature cut-out sections, a high-neck collar, and a highly decorative button closure. While the red style has slimming strips of black nylon on either side, the blue version adds a little spice with a set of pale blue lace inserts.



pre-order for  14,999 yen (US$133.40), with delivery scheduled for early July.

Village Vanguard

Wooden samurai bokuto sword umbrella

This  umbrella  takes its cues from a bokuto, or wooden sword.                                     There’s some cool kanji character etching on the handle. Well, at least it looks cool. The actual meaning is pretty pedestrian, since the kanji just reads “Toyako,” or “Lake Toya,” a common tourist destination in Hokkaido.


If this is all starting to sound familiar, odds are you’re a fan of anime and manga franchise Gintama, in which leading man/badass swordsman Gintoki wields a bokuto with the same kanji characters carved into it. The similarities are clearly intentional, as Thanko’s official name for the product is Bokuto Umbrella Toyako, and one of its promotional images is a thinly veiled bit of Gintama cosplay.

1,980 yen (US$18).


Censor your underwear with new Mini Petticoat

First there was the black Frilled Mini Petticoat, designed to be worn under short miniskirts, and brought out the same thigh-high A-line silhouette seen on anime heroines while also blending into the dark shadows beneath the garment, making the area underneath the skirt look neat and well-concealed.

Now, cosplayers and short-skirt wearers who prefer a more eye-catching look will be pleased to know that a new colour has been added to the range. The new white Ruffled Mini Petticoat features the same design as its black predecessor, with elasticised trims around the thighs which, according to the makers, makes it impossible for anyone to see your underwear.


The new white Ruffled Mini Petticoat went on sale for 7,020 yen (US$63) at Village Vanguard stores in Japan earlier  this month, but it’s been so popular that it’s already sold out online. They’re currently waiting for more stock to arrive, but given the immense popularity of these unique petticoats, they’re likely to sell fast once they’re on sale again, so if you’re interested be sure to register your email address to receive a notification as soon as they become available.


Japan’s samurai armor bag collection expands with new designs, colors

Japanese fashion label Gyoku caught our eye with its collection of samurai armor-style satchels and pouches. Apparently we weren’t the only ones intrigued by the crossover of bushido and bags, as the line has since been expanded to include new sizes and colors.

Each item is made with flaps of leather with thick cord stitching, mimicking the appearance of lamellar armor worn by Japan’s warrior class.

The large satchel, previously available in red leather, if now offered in black as well, with either crimson or deep blue stitching. The leather is purposely processed to look battle-worn, and inside you’ll find a lining patterned after the decorative and protective edges of traditional Japanese tatami reed flooring mats.

Measuring 27.5 centimeters (10.8 inches) long, with a 20-by-8-centimeter bottom, Gyoku says the large bag can hold three half-liter (16.9-pounce) drink bottles, which should be enough to keep you hydrated when skirmishing with rival samurai clans. In addition to wearing them across your body with the shoulder strap, the 33,264-yen (US$300) large bags can also be worn at the waist with clips.

Similar versatility is on display with the new small satchel, which is also 27.5 centimeters long but has a more compact 5-by-8-centimeter base.

This knocks the carrying capacity down to two half-liter bottles, but you do get the same tatami-border lining. Oddly enough, what you don’t get is much of a price break, since at 32,184 yen the small bag costs nearly as much as its larger sibling, making this an aesthetic-based choice, as opposed to an economic one.

And finally, Gyoku has expanded the color options for its smartphone pouches, which clip at the waist and are large enough to hold an iPhone 6 Plus.

Previously offered either in red with blue stitching or in black with blue stitching, the new design threads red cords through black leather, and is priced at 15,444 yen.

The entire collection can be ordered through the online shop of Japanese novelty retailer Village Vanguard.

Source: Village Vanguard via Japaaan

Strap a slab of delicious grilled meat on your back with this new backpack from Japan

This is just one of the items in a range of delicious accessories designed for meat lovers.

If you ever wanted to turn heads and make people’s mouths water as you walk by them on the street, there’s no easier way to do it than with a meaty backpack. This new product is the latest to join the weird and whacky rucksack range from quirky Japanese novelty goods store Village Vanguard, who previously thrilled us with their raw meat bag earlier this year.


Now the backpack has progressed in the cooking process, developing a deliciously seared golden brown colour that makes it look just about ready for eating.


▼ The thick slab of steak comes with a pair of soft brown straps so you can carry it around in maximum comfort.


▼ And unlike your ordinary cut of meat, this one opens up to carry everything you need for the day, complete with inner pockets.


Given its size, the meaty bag is a bargain at 2,160 yen (US$21.52). While it’s designed to be worn in summer, when the butter-topped serving would appear to sizzle in the sun, it’s still a top accessory for any time of the year!

Niku Top

And for customers who prefer to keep their meat fandom within the confines of the home, the delicious steak is also available as a plump, tender cushion.

If you’ve always dreamed of laying your head on a juicy piece of meat, this succulent looking cushion will give you enough meat sweats to last a lifetime.


▼ Also available in a raw meat version, the cushions retail for 2,160 yen each.


The meaty range is becoming increasingly popular with customers, so if your tastes tend towards the carnivorous variety,check out the  Village Vanguard online store and send us your request before they all sell out!

Rocketnews 24 edited by JWS

Source, Images: Village Vanguard online store (1, 2)

Do you fancy a pair of octopus tights?

It’s a cold winter no doubt about that, the temperatures have fallen far below the “yeah I love a fresh breeze” limit and we are all suffering because of it…except my Canadian friends, for them a Japanese winter is like a Canadian spring and  of course the polar bears.

a  Japanese   polarbear in a  Japanese zoo.

Even Okinawa, the most southern island of Japan with its tropical climate experienced its first snow…ever! News reports of Okinawans looking at the snowflakes with expressions of pure astonishment are flooding the news channels now as I write.


So how do you protect yourself against the cold and still look fashionable..the answer is; don a pair of octopus tights! Yep or if you’re not into octopus, a mackerel  pair of tights.





But let’s get back to the octopus tights, they were created by Onoda Maiko through stereolithography (I admit I had to look that word up) and the octopus legs wrap themselves around the wearers legs from up to down, creating the illusion that the wearer is an …..octopus! They are sexy according to its creator, but we tend to disagree, sexy sure if you’re into being/dating a human octopus….interesting, daring, funny, cute, and yeah cool are more suiting words to describe this product.

Yoh Bae, you got a bunch of Octopus legs coming out of your pants!

They come in three colours black with red legs, white with black and black with pink legs..costing a 3,800 yen.

The mackerel(saba in Japanese) tights only come in white with blue, with the blue part representing the back and the white part the belly of the fish. Mackerel are cold water fish(just made that word  up), meaning they thrive in cold seas and should therefore protect you better against the cold than a clown fish pattern…but this is of course pure psychological…or is it?


I have to conclude that they could have used a better way to show off these tights..I have something more like this in mind..

no no don’t judge me being sexist, but I reckon everybody has a different taste and way of coordinating, so a pure view would have been better IMHO..

petit sac stockings

If you’re not into this whole fishy tights thing, then what do you think of these Japonesque knee-highs from our favorite shop Village Vanguard? Based on the fox/kitsune creatures you can find at Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto. These kitsunes are messengers to the inari ( a popular deity ) . Offerings of rice, sake, and other food are given at the shrine to appease and please these kitsune messengers, who are then expected to plead with Inari on the worshipper’s behalf.

They are available in white/red and black/red, with on one leg a fox and on the other a red Torii or shrine gate,


The back is adorned with two foxs and you get real fox pawns on the soles!





They are not expensive either at 3,240 yen


Shipping on these products will be dirt cheap and with the yen at an all time low…so what are you waiting for?

request form




variety goods store Village Vanguard

Famous for its weirdness, loved for its uniqueness..yes we’re talking about novelty goods/ book store, Village Vanguard. Founded in 1986 in the town were JWS’ headquarters are located;Nagoya.

Ever wondered what beef flavored chewing gum tastes like? Are you a romantic who loves candlelight….what about some sushi shaped candles?


What do you give to a friend who has everything, well in my case I was presented with a Doo Doo head mask…yes a turd shaped mask…I still don’t know whether to be insulted or …. , still I can’t wait for Halloween to start!

【おもしろマスク】DOO DOO HEAD MASK(うんこマスク)

Or what about these “new high” horror inspired half tights,



They might form a perfect match  with these ears…


And to round of the look what about this awesome kurukuru maki (around and around) ring.

【九十九一六八】束縛指輪 9号(赤)(リボンなし)

They have loads of truly interesting t-shirts for the more courageous under us.

Wrestler 4,104 yen

The fake black/red/white /blue/pink bra tee, which is a shirt with a fake rip showing a pair of impressive breast hold together by a black lace brassiere.

妄想マッピング -黒いブラTシャツ-(レディース半袖)
3,780 円

And for the lads too!

【VV限定】妄想マッピング -白いブラTシャツ-(半袖)
3,780 円

What about the chic (that’s how they describe it) roach on meat shirt…just the perfect thing to wear when you’re shy and don’t know how to start a conversation..

【オシャレもここまで来ました】オリジナルTシャツ 【ゴキ肉】
1,620 円

Truly special and a bit disturbing is this t-shirt with a print of the Japanese com(ugh ugh)edian; Egachan, famous for walking around half naked and being gross. (yeah it’s Japanese entertainment!). Worn in a conventional way it’s just a Tee….but when you pull the bottom of the shirt over your head, you become Egachan! Is this the start of a new trend?

【VV限定】江頭2:50被って変身オリジナルTシャツ【EGASHIRA2:50】(Sサイズ ピンク)

Well this is just a pinch of what they have for sale, check out their site and you’ll find the weirdest, thought provoking( Why would somebody buy this???) and truly Japanese unusual stuff. Village Vanguard novelty shop


【第一回クリエイターコンペ入選】シリダス パンツ

space alien
【靴下にマントが!!】スーパーマン ハイソックス+マント
super woman high socks with little capes attached

Let us know what you like and we’ll get it to you,,,wherever you live!

Village Vanguard novelty shop

【BAYCAMP×VV】芦沢ムネト×HAJIME FANTASY『ワン』Tシャツ(ホワイトXLサイズ)【9月下旬発送予定】

lightsaber umbrella
【巨大生物シリーズ!】メガカマキリ 73cm
Giant praying mantis

Become a swimsuit model…without dieting.

Officially called the Deluded Fantasy T-Shirt, the unusual piece of clothing was created by ekoD Works, which bills itself as focused on “humorous art and design.” According to the product description, the Deluded Fantasy T-Shirt was made using the company’s “proprietary deluded fantasy mapping techniques,” which allow it to determine exactly what sorts of uninhibited thoughts are running through people’s heads.

In other words, the shirt looks like it’s giving everyone a peek at an impressive pair of boobs. And not just any boobs, as the shirt is specifically mimicking the chest of gurabia model Mao Harada.

bs-2According to Village Vanguard, that’s Harada’s actual cleavage on the left in the above photo, and her modeling the T-shirt on the right. Since we weren’t there for the photo shoot, we can’t confirm this, but neither can we deny the store’s claim after carefully examining the images seen here for close to an hour.

We suppose there might be some women who would be interested in purchasing the 3,888-yen (US$31) shirt as a way to technically show off a little skin while keeping their own completely covered up, and Village Vanguard does offer it in a women’s medium size. The shirt also comes in “unisex” medium and large sizes, though, so both men and women who need these breasts hanging in their closet can ask us to place an order through the Village Vanguard online store (shipping is scheduled for early July).

Village Vanguard novelty shop

Harada Mao DVD


We can get you anything from Japan to anywhere..the cheapest way!